Thursday, 8 July 2010

The completion of Marilyn & other things I've accomplished since yesterday

Well,  I finished my Marilyn Monroe pointy picture last night.  I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out and am now just trying to decide who to 'point' next.  Or I may start work on my blog banner to take this blog and make it my own as Simon Cowell might say!

Other things I have accomplished since yesterday include:-

1) Learning how to hyperlink! So now you can now check out George Seurat's work to see for yourselves just how he managed to apply pure unmixed paint in millions of dots to the canvas to create those amazing images. I will learn to do that with oil paint myself one day.

2) Started following other blogs that interest me - you can see who I follow on my profile page.  There are so many amazingly talented artists and artisans out there. Of course, technically they could be seen as my competition, but I like to think everyone has something a little different to offer as we all have our own style of painting/drawing and our preferred medium and personally I love to see how other artists work and to keep learning from that - I certainly don't know everything about the art world, far from it and I like that there are blogging communities out there where people can learn and help each other to improve upon their skills and know-how.  There are so many artists out there who I am in awe of and why wouldn't I want to let other people know about them?

With all that art love in mind, I intend to do a 'Saturday shout out' each week to highlight the work of someone who I happen to think is pretty amazing! (As long as that person doesn't mind me linking to and/or mentioning them of course!) Stay tuned for my first Saturday shout out this, er, Saturday (obviously!)

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  1. Tuned and ready for the first shout out although with my art knowledge being what it is, you might have to help me out! Love the Marilyn Monroe pic. x


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