Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Portfolios, Pencils, Paints & Puppies

Although I have all the essential accoutrements necessary to draw and paint, now that I have decided to make art more than just a hobby I decided I should also update the tools of my trade. On Friday I treated myself to a new A2 art portfolio as I need somewhere safe to store my completed pieces where they won't get bent and damaged. I found the one in the photo in W H Smiths and it was reduced in the sale which was even better.

Then, while I was sketching in the facial features of the portrait on Saturday, my fiancé, S, went off to the shops for some bits and bobs for himself and came back with things for me instead (I love those kind of shopping trips!). He bought me a great wee bag/storage box thingy called a 'click n go' tote from a company called Art Bin. This is an American company based in Ohio according to their website (and I'm not on commission for recommending them either by the way!) but S picked this one up in TK Maxx! This is perfect for keeping my pencils, pens, brushes & watercolour field boxes in instead of having them rolling around loose and in mortal danger of being chewed to bits.

Let me explain - some months ago I was working on the Labrador pointy portrait at the kitchen table (which, until my lottery numbers come up, is essentially my art studio). Rather than take all my gear back up to our computer room (known as the den) at the end of the evening, I lazily left a plastic bag containing all my brushes etc in the middle of the table.

However, it was about this time that the pups were exploring their surroundings to see just what mischief they could get into while we were out at work. I came home one day to find that not only had they managed to get the bag from the middle of the table (they are only West Highland Terriers so I still don't know how they reached it!), they had ripped the bag to shreds and totally decimated the contents which included the plastic wallets containing my pencils and brushes. Out of over 30 brushes only 1 or 2 survived unscathed and some were never recovered at all – at least not in any recognisable manner. Thankfully I hadn't left my art pad on the table so at least it remained unchewed. Now my brushes and pens are safe in my Art Bin storage bag I just need to make sure not to leave that within puppy chewing distance.

Pups looking like butter wouldn't melt!


  1. Speaking of butter, Robert once walked into the kitchen to find his mum's westie stood on top of the dining table licking the butter out of a butter dish. They'd no idea how he managed to get up there either, I'd have been more concerned about whether it was the first time he'd managed it. That butter dish was always on the table:)

  2. Eew, good point! Yes, they seem to be amazingly adept at getting to places they physically shouldn't be able to get to!


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