Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday Shout Out - Diomo Glass

Credit: Diomo Glass

This week I want to give a shout out to Susan, the founder of Diomo Glass.  I have been following Susan on Twitter and Facebook having discovered her gorgeous shop on Folksy recently and because her handcrafted glass works are so eye-catching and lovely, I contacted her and asked if she would mind featuring on my Saturday shout out.

Susan is from Sunbury on Thames and got into glass artistry some years back when she decided she wanted to expand her mind and learn a new skill.  She saw a course on stained glass that intrigued her and when she embarked on the course, she discovered she had a real knack for glass cutting.  Once the course was finished she was lucky enough to be offered a job with a local glass works company. Although she says it was a steep learning curve, it was the best move she ever made and she now does what she loves for a living and as the saying goes 'find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life'.

Credit: Diomo Glass

Susan went on to learn different types of glass cutting for a more commerical approach as well as the hobbyist style she had already mastered.   She still does work for Glasswork Teddington as well as working for herself.  Many of her glass sculptures and leaded lights can be found on board cruise liners and you can learn more about these on

Credit: Diomo Glass

Because there was always so much waste glass left over from her stained glass projects, Susan began collecting it and in the last 6 months or has managed to recycle the remnants by creating gorgeous sun catchers, coasters and sculptures, which you can find for sale in her Folksy shop. 

When I asked Susan what inspires her creations she said that she makes things up as she goes along, usually inspired by the pile of glass in front of her or some mad thought that crosses her mind! The only patterns she follows are of her own design.

Although the crafty side to Diomo Glass is a relatively new venture, Susan says that things have been going well so far and she will just keep on updating and improving her blog and keep on creating her glassy works of art.

Credit: Diomo Glass

Oh, and it's another cleverly creative name this week again - Diomo stands for Doing It On My Own!! 


  1. Thank you! That's really cool! :)

  2. I love the little ants and spiders. I'll have to get a handful of those at some point.


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