Friday, 16 July 2010

Saturday Shout Out - Hannah's Hands

Credit: Hannah's Hands

This week I would like to give a shout out to a lovely lady that I discovered on Etsy when I was looking for bits and bobs for my wedding in November.

Tanya Stark is originally from Ontario, Canada and moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania after meeting her husband and getting married. She started making jewellery about four years ago after being employed in a family friend's bead shop. She learnt the basics and became hooked!

I love the story of how her Etsy shop got its name - Tanya has a daughter who is almost three years old and is called Hannah. When she first decided to open her shop on Etsy she figured that any of the money she made from her handcrafted jewellery would most likely end up in Hannah's hands one way or another and so Hannah's Hands Creations was born! Tanya told me that now that has taken on new meaning as Hannah is becoming fascinated with all the multi-coloured beads and ends up with her hands in Tanya's bead drawers exploring her supplies!

I have attached a couple of my favourite pieces here but there are so many more pieces to choose from in Tanya's Etsy shop. I love this little paw print necklace - probably because I am so in love with my own two wee pups and this was originally created in memory of Tanya's own dog who passed away which choked me a little bit, I have to admit!

When I was looking through the items in Hannah's Hands Etsy shop for inspiration a few months ago, I spotted a really pretty crystal and pearl bracelet which I thought would go really well with other items I had bought for my wedding. I didn't actually need a bracelet though so I emailed Tanya to see if it would be possible to have it made into a watch instead. Tanya was really helpful and gave me different options as to how I would like it so that it was truly custom made for me. I love it and can't wait to wear it on my big day!

Credit: Hannah's Hands (my bespoke wedding watch!)

I asked Tanya where the inspiration for her designs comes from and she said that she is motivated by colour. It is usually the color of a base piece which draws her in and she will then create something around that particular piece and colour. I would definitely recommend having a look in Hannah's Hands as not only does Tanya have many designs already created for all sorts of occasions, she is more than happy to create a bespoke piece just for you. As a satisfied customer myself, I can vouch that this lady loves the customer connection just as much as creating her jewellery. As she says herself, it gives her a huge buzz to help create the perfect piece for a wedding or special event and to know that people enjoy her work.

Thanks to Tanya for letting me blog about her talent for making beautiful jewellery.

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