Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday Shout Out - Leanne Woods Designs

Credit: Leanne Woods
As I said in my last post, I am planning to give a mention each week to another artist or artisan whose work I admire or who has been influential to me in some way. This week being the first of these 'shout outs' I thought I would mention someone who I met only briefly (she trained me up in my day job to replace her before she went off to be a full-time mum and also venture into pastures creative!).
Allow me to introduce Leanne Woods. During the short time I worked with Leanne, I knew she was a dab hand with all things baked (having sampled the delicious and totally diet-demolishing chocolate cakes she would bring in to the office!). I didn't however know just how creative she also is when it comes to handicrafts.

When I was deliberating over creating my blog and wishing out loud I could make a living from doing what I love, a mutual friend suggested I have a look at Leanne's blog and shop on Folksy to see just what she has been up to since she left the daily grind of the 9-5. I was hugely impressed with the items for sale in Leanne's shop and the way she had set up her blog. As someone who can barely sew a button back on a shirt, I have mucho admiration for anyone who can wield a needle and thread and come up with the sort of quality, quirky and original handicrafts that Leanne makes.

Credit: Leanne Woods

I always dreamed of being able to make my own clothes and even went so far as to purchase a book about knitting for dummies a while back, convinced that I could be whipping up my own cardies and jumpers in no time. I got halfway through a very basic 'knit one, purl one' scarf when I dropped one stitch too many and said scarf got relegated to the back of the cupboard never to see the light of day again.

Mind you, not only is Leanne a full-time mum designing fabulous handmade gifts and accessories, she has been writing in her blog 'See the Woods and the Trees' for about two years and also has another blog called 'Simply Food' in which she details the many receipes she cooks up. Alongside that she is writing a cookery book which she manages to squeeze into her already pretty busy day. That's what I call multi-tasking.

After looking at Leanne's blog and having created this one, I sent her an email to ask if she would mind me giving her a mention and also picking her brains on all things bloggy as she obviously knows what she is doing. Not only did she reply in the affirmative she also gave me a tonne more information on blogging and what other websites to register with as an artist as the best platforms on which to sell your work. I intend to spend a large part of today doing just that.

I hope you will enjoy reading through Leanne's blog as much as I do and that you will be equally impressed with the handmade goodies she has created.

Thanks to Leanne for letting me blog about her and for all the new sources of information she has pointed me towards. I am off now to try to complete my submission for the Fantazya Diary 2011. You can find more information about this if you click on the link. Mind you the closing date is 12 July so I better get cracking!

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  1. Still haven't forgiven me for the cakes then:)

    Thanks for the shout out and I really hope the info helps to get you started. There's loads and loads more out there but starting off with things like CBUK will be a great place to start amongst friendly people and then just go from there.

    And good luck with the Fantazya submission, I thought the deadline was actually a bit further back than 12 July but oh well, it'll be great to see it in print later in the year:)


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