Thursday, 22 July 2010

Sheep in sheep's clothing (sort of)

The contributor of this photos is Steve Edge

My favourite sculpture in Belfast city centre is one of a shepherd and a flock of sheep outside the Waterfront Hall which was sculpted by Deborah Brown (who you can read more about on the Art Council website link).  I love it simply because it seems so incongruous to see a flock of sheep (albeit made of bronze) in the middle of the city.  During red nose day they all had large red noses stuck onto them and over the last couple of days they have been dressed up in knitted garments which made me smile as I pass them on my way into work each morning.

Turns out that this is what is known as 'yarn bombing' or 'graffitti knitting' (you can read the full story on the BBC website from this link) and it's been done by local crafters to celebrate August Craft month in the city.  Other statues could come in for the same treatment so keep your eyes peeled for that if you happen to be out and about in Belfast. The project is one of more than 40 exhibitions, talks, workshops and demos taking place during August Craft Month. To find out more, visit the CraftNi website.

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