Monday, 5 July 2010

So, what's the point?

Well, it looks like I have finally joined the world of the blog and no longer just as a curious observer. I have no real idea how this blogging malarkey works but I know if I am ever to let people know who I am and what I can do then I need to 'put myself about' in a blogging stylee!
So, firstly, I suppose I should say why I have created this blog. Well, as my profile says, I love to paint and would love to make it more than a sometime hobby. I have been painting and drawing for many years and even been commissioned a few times to create specific pieces for wedding presents and other gifts. Being artistic has also proved very useful at those times when money was too tight to mention and I could rustle up a caricature or two by way of a Christmas or birthday present (unfortunately you can really only do this once per person in your family/social circle!)
I don't have a specific style that I stick to religiously but I do like watercolour and indian ink and usually work only in these two mediums either on their own or combined.

I have a fondness for caricatures which I try to create without the (to my mind) unnecessary cruelty of exaggerating features of which the subject is no doubt probably already quite self conscious (I had one done on holiday years ago and the street artist made my chin rather more Jimmy Hill-esque than was strictly necessary!) My caricatures feature large heads on small bodies and the 'essence' of the person will be captured in either their clothing or what activity they are doing in the picture . I did start off trying to do serious portraits but found that my faces always seems to have a certain cartoony aspect to them and so decided to go the whole hog and deliberately make them caricatures and be done with it.

I do however do more serious likenesses using pen and ink and millions and millions of little tiny dots! Years ago while doing 'A' Level art I discovered a love of Pointillism (or stippling as it is apparently known when done in black & white) & find that although applying each and every dot is immensely time-consuming it is also very therapeutic! That's also how the name came about for my blog (and as yet not quite finished website) - Pointy as in Pointallism - do you see what I did there?!
Credit must be given to George Seurat who was the founder of Pointillism - I don't yet know how to do the whole hyperlink thingy otherwise I would link you right to somewhere that would tell you all about him but you should definitely check his paintings out - his work is amazing.
Now I don't for one minute think that my work is anything like that of Monsieur Seurat - he used unmixed paint in little dots which forces the eye to mix the colours together rather than doing it on the canvas - much like the way television and computer monitors do. And he was amazing at doing that. I don't do this as I mostly work in black and white although I am practising with oils at the moment to see if it is a medium I could work in.
The closest I could describe the portraits I have done in black and white would be that it is like newspaper print - when you look closely at a picture in a newspaper you see that it is made up of millions of dots - that's what I do by hand and the likeness comes about as a result of the light and shade on the subject's face.

I love animals of the domestic variety especially dogs and recently did an ink picture of a chocolate labrador which I have attached so you can see what exactly it is I am mostly waffling on about! I was asked to paint this for someone whose pet it was so it has been sold but I am happy to take commissions if anyone who reads this would like to immortalise their own pets in such a way!

This blog is very much a work in progress for me and I will hopefully improve the layout and look of it as I begin to find my way around the strange land of computer speak - I have a newfound respect for bloggers now I see just how much I don't know about all of this! I will also try to get my website up and running as soon as possible - I am working on pictures as the moment as unfortunately most of those I did in the past were given to the recipients before I thought to photograph them for use on a website.

Thanks to anyone who does happen upon my blog by accident and who has managed to keep on reading to the end!


  1. I love your portrait of this beautiful chocolate lab. I'm so impressed with your patience. Your drawing of Reuben still fascinates me with the amount of lines and dots you used.

  2. yes we all heard Cho has a Compnay in LA, " what"?

  3. Love your first post amiga. You have come a long way and I'm glad I found your blog. How fun to read the very first post. You've introduced yourself to us very well.:)


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