Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What have I learnt since yesterday?

So, approximately 1 person has read my blog (my lovely husband-to-be!). He loved it but I don't think that counts (especially not as he is already the proud recipient of a caricature presented to him on our first anniversary!)

This isn't the best shot as I should really have taken the picture before I got it framed but like anything, it is a learning curve, and in my defence at the time I didn't foresee me wanting to upload it to my very own blog. Also, no one reading this has any idea what he looks like so can't possibly know if it looks like him or not - take my word for it (imho) it does! He is Scottish as I mentioned in my profile and he enjoys hillwalking hence the walking sticks and being up a mountain (although in fairness he doesn't ever actually wear a kilt on our hill walking jaunts as anyone who knows the Mourne Mountains would attest - even in summer the wind fairly howls up them!)

Still, as far as having any followers on my blog, I know these things take time - possibly weeks, months; maybe even years. What steps have I taken since yesterday - well, let's see:-

1. I have changed my twitter name from Simplep1xie to PointyPix to keep it all linked together so that the few followers I have may be slightly intrigued and pop over for a looksee.

2.I spent whatever free time I had last night (in between entertaining two very lively wee pups who follow my every move!) trying to find out more about blogging and what I need to do to improve my chances of actually being read by someone other than my immediate family!

3.I then spent about 3 hours working on a pen and ink stippling portrait of Marilyn Monroe. I should hopefully have that finished tonight if I get working on it as soon as I get home (and after I walk the pups).

I decided to draw her next as I am fascinated with the 50s and early 60s and think the movie stars of that Golden Era had a quality that is pretty much missing nowadays. All that old school glamour when women were women and men were well, apparently pretty misogynistic by all accounts actually! Still, the petticoats, the dresses, the tiny waspy waists, the shoes, the fact that it was perfectly normal and even expected to be a housewife once you got married (husband-to-be will be rolling his eyes at this point!). I know it is probably a terrible thing to say after women burned their bras for equality and whatnot but honestly, I would love to be a stay at home (dog) mum as I could spend all day creating new artwork! Hey ho, it isn't to be and so I will concentrate on building up my portfolio after the normal working day is done.

I intend to work on a series of portraits of famous faces as that way anyone reading can decide for themselves whether or not I have managed to capture the likeness. I will do some in pen and ink and some in watercolour caricatures depending on what the person's face best lends themself to.

Anyway, time to go and do some more of Marilyn. I'll post the picture soon.


  1. Nice pictures. I have read your blog, you did well. The link was posted on folksy by a friend of yours, who`s shop is Seethewood, any help? My blog is only 4 days old, bless it and I have yet to master the art of pictures. I can only copy and paste links. Here`s mine if you are interested. It`s; myblogfinallymadeit.blogspot.com. Seem to have lost the power to copy and paste now. Oh woe is me. Sorry about that. Linda

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for the comment (my very first one!) Yes Seethewoods (Leanne Woods) has been a great help to me in pointing me in the right direction for all things bloggy. I need to get registered on the Folksy forum. Good luck with your blog - I had a wee look at it and your folksy shop - I love the pegboards!


Your comments always colour me happy! Thank you for popping by.


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