Monday, 9 August 2010

Introducing the wee'uns!

I mentioned a few posts back that I wanted to create a range of greetings cards.  Personally, I completely love cards.  I love to give them and I love to receive them. My favourite shops for browsing (aside from shoes, obviously) include craft shops, books shops and card shops.  There are cards for absolutely everything these days and sometimes you come across one that manages to sum up exactly what you want to say or that makes you laugh out loud (the On the Ceiling range of old black and white photos with funny captions from Emotional Rescue usually have that effect!)

Anyway, I've already mentioned that I can provide a bespoke wedding invite design service - if you are getting married and fancy wedding stationery that screams 'that's so them' when your guests receive their invites in the post, then you might like to have you and your other half immortalised in pen and ink on your invites and I can help - see much 'I do' about weddings. (plug over). 

So, I've been doodling in my sketch pad at lunchtimes and thinking of the sort of cards that I like to buy. As well as witty cards, I like when the words on cards make me go "n'awwwww" and go a bit melty.   My inspiration for this range are our two wee Westie pups (they of the pencil-gate fame!).  They have absolutely taken over our world (and our sofa!) and they make me laugh so much with their funny wee ways.  I refer to them as the wee'uns hence the name of this particular range of cards. 

I have completed four so far, so I thought I would put them on my blog and would really appreciate any feedback (negative or positive - as long as it is constructive!) just so I know if I am on the right lines or if I need to go right back to the drawing board!

I have left them blank inside so you can add your own message and they have the Pointy Pix design stamp on the back - I wanted them to look authentically handcrafted because they are hand drawn in ink on watercolour paper (this gives the background a speckled effect a wee bit like newspaper print when scanned and printed out on the card. I think this gives them an old fashioned appearance that I quite like) and not designed using computer graphics (other than the text obviously).

So I would really appreciate it if anyone reading would comment at the end of this post just letting me know what you think; if there is anything you would change or improve about the designs that would make you want to give one of these cards to someone or if you have any other ideas or occasions you think I should design a card for - sort of like market research!


  1. Hi, I think your designs are lovely but do remember that the card industry is over subscribed. That makes it difficult, although not impossible to generate sales - be prepared for it to take a while (I'm speaking from experience).

    Market research is crucial so I suggest that you design a questionnaire about price, choice and so on and then analyse the results. You might be surprised by the answers you get.

    Anyway I wish you the best of luck with it.


  2. Very cute and quirky well done :o) xXx

  3. Obviously I'm biased as the stars of your cards are my nephew and niece, but I really love these cards (family trait obviously to give and receive cute/funny cards) Well done, I think they're superb! ;o) xxx

  4. They're really lovely and the wee dogs are so cute. Some people collect cards too and frame them like little, easy on the wallet pieces of art. I've been collecting them now for a couple of years with the intention of filling most of a wall.

  5. Thanks for the comments (even the biased one from my lovely sister ;0)!) What you said is really useful to know Heather so thanks for that - I will work on the market research.


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