Monday, 23 August 2010

Less Googling, more Doodling!

First things, first - good news this week is that I have another commission! Yay.  This one is for a pointy pet portrait of two lovely wee old patterdale terriers. 

This is them and I'm going to get started on that tonight!

Now, this definitely not a complaint because I love that I am doing so much art, but... it is starting to feel like there are definitely not enough hours in the day for all that I am trying to squeeze in. 

I'm working on filling the sketchbook for the Art House Project - there are 40 pages and initially I thought I would have to sketch/paint/draw on both sides but the paper is quite thin and so I have decided instead that I will do a sketch on one side and have a little bit of writing to accompany it on the facing page which technically means there won't be any blank pages! The pages are quite small being just slightly longer than A5 so the sketches don't take that long to complete - I've been starting the outline during my lunch break and then filling in the colour in the evening.

As the theme I chose is "If you lived here..." I am concentrating mostly on city scapes and street scenes. I am hoping to get enough inspiration from the places I have actually been to so I don't have to use other people's photos but having now found the wonderful Paint My Photo website I know at least the option is there without having to worry about copyright (as per my last post).

I managed to finish another 2 sketches last week - the paper isn't ideal for watercolour as it tends to curl a wee bit so the pics don't scan onto the computer the best, but here's what I've done so far:

This is a view of Loch Lomond in Scotland

This is a very northerly town in Norway
called Honningsvag at sunrise (which was also
pretty much sunset at that time of year!)

In order to better prioritise my time, and bearing in mind that not working 9-5 is not an option, I have decided that I need to stop spending quite so much time online.  Obviously I want to keep my blog going but I have found that online forums and other arty crafty sites are so completely compelling and addictive that what starts as a quick 20 minutes on the computer to update my blog turns into a 2 hour marathon of world wide webbing.  I seem to get sucked from one website to another by way of the links and eventually forget what I was actually online for! 

S helpfully pointed out, when I was moaning that I wished I had more time to do actual artwork, that maybe I should stay away from the PC for a while and that maybe, just maybe, I was spreading myself too thin and trying to do too much in the few hours between getting home from work and going to bed.  He's right and with that in mind, I have decided that my Saturday Shout Out isn't necessarily going to be a weekly event anymore (which means it needs a new name - maybe just Shout Out will suffice!)

Although I love finding other arty crafty people to mention and to showcase their work on my blog, it is taking up a lot of time researching and contacting them and then obviously getting the information together to write the blog post.  So something has to give and this is, after all, my blog so I guess the shout out will have to take a back seat for now.  It isn't gone for good as there are still so many people whose work I want to mention but for now, I need to concentrate on building up my own portfolio of work so I actually have something to show on my website.  So, the upshot is, less Googling, more doodling!

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