Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Much 'I do' about weddings

When my sister got married she asked me to do ink drawing caricatures of her and her husband. I did two different designs and she then got them printed up into wedding invitations and the order of service. They are now framed and have pride of place in her living room!

They went down really well and it was actually as a result of those that I then got asked to do larger coloured caricatures of couples as wedding presents. I did several of those a few years ago (long before I thought I could maybe make it more than just an occasional thing and unfortunately before I had either a camera phone or a laptop on which to store photos). 

The feedback I got was that the couples loved the gift of a painting of them on their wedding day as nowadays most couples already have pretty much everything before they get married and it is increasingly difficult to come up with an original gift idea.  Yes, you can give vouchers but they will inevitably be frittered away on something or nothing whereas most of us love to have something personalised especially for us and a caricature will forever serve as a reminder of the best day of their lives (and of what a great friend you were to come up with something so original!)

My sister and her hubby

The lovely S suggested that I do a caricature of us and turn it into a wedding invite for our own wedding this November.  This is even though we are having the smallest wedding in the world (just us and my sister and brother-in-law).  We thought my sis would appreciate the humour.  As my sister had a larger wedding (i.e more than 2 guests) she took the caricature to a professional printer to produce the invites but as I only need the one, I just jigged around with the scanned image myself and made my own card. 

This is how it turned out - I did it on A4 in ink and watercolour pencil which I'll stick up in our wee den as a reminder of our day:

I then printed it onto a square template to fit the blank greetings cards I bought and printed it off in grayscale (I would have printed it in colour but my printer was playing silly beggars with the magenta ink cartridge so, ever the queen of impatience, I gave up and went with grayscale instead.  Typically, after I'd already posted the invite S fixed the printer and now it's working fine!) 

And in case you were wondering, this is me and the lovely S.

So, if anyone has a wedding coming up and can't think what to get as a gift, then bear Pointy Pix in mind - I'd be happy to create a caricature (or a pointy portrait) of the happy couple.  Or if you are getting married and fancy something a little less peaches and cream and a little more original for your invites then I'd be happy to come up with a design of you and your hubby or wife to be. Shameless plugging, well yes, but if you don't ask, you don't get!!


  1. I just wanted to say a) GOSH. Your drawings are marvellous! G-r-e-a-t work!; and b) thank-you so much for your lovely comment at Frock & Roll! It made my day, so I hope you're having a wonderful one, too!

  2. Thank you so much! I am right now a little bit starstruck that you've commented on my blog as you are, after all, blogging royalty! :0)


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