Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday Shout Out - Dainty Deity

Credit: Dainty Deity

Credit: Dainty Deity

This week is slightly still me banging on about weddings just a little bit!    As my hair is so short I am limited to what I can do with it on my wedding day.  I was never going to wear a veil anyway but wanted something  to make my head region look a bit sparkly and different from every other day of the year!  I didn't want a normal alice band as I didn't have the hair to cover the band part and, at the time,  I couldn't find a fascinator that wasn't outrageously extravagant and too OTT for me and that would stay on as, again, I couldn't clip it on to my short hair. 

So, I was thinking 'imagine if they did invisible hair bands so it looked like there was just something sparkly on my head with no obvious signs of how it was managing to stay there!'  I googled 'invisible hair band' and lo and behold it took me to  Etsy  and the shop of Christina, creator and proprietor of Dainty Deity!

Christina has actually trademarked the invisible hair band and for short haired folk like me, it is a Godsend.  At the time I was looking through her Etsy shop, there was a range of different styles using a variety of fabrics and beading and I contacted her to see if I could have one made to my specification, explaining what it was for.  Christina was very helpful and asked to see my dress design so that she could create a hair band to suit my tastes.  She then came up with three different designs and I chose the one I wanted.  I was so pleased with it when it arrived and have to try it on every so often as it is still a few months until I get to wear it for real!

Credit: Dainty Deity
It is small and discreet and the invisible band part is just that - hidden even by my very short hair!

When I contacted Christina about this blog she told me that she has now branched out from the hairbands and other hair accessories and is now making lovely dolls crafted and sewn out of fabric.  She finds that the change of medium helps her to stay fresh.  She normally made these as gifts but recently decided to list some on her Etsy shop as she felt the need to get back to sewing.

Christina, like many arty crafty folk has been crafting since she was a young child, having been taught to sew and crochet, amongst other things, by her grandmother, mother and aunts.  She was always involved in something creative as a child and it has progressed from there.

Credit: Dainty Deity

Right now Christina is a Child Development Specialist as well as a crafter and told me that she enjoys the duality of the two different professions.

When I asked Christina if she had any advice to give to other crafters or artists she said that that she believes that all creatives know what to do - they are intrinsically motivated - the danger was in letting your "day job" go. This is because she believes that creativity comes in spurts and starts so it is important to have stability which makes it easier to work on what you love to.  As you can see from the detail and quality of Christina's work, she obviously does love to create and is clearly very talented at it!

Credit: Dainty Deity

I asked Christina, as I always do, how she came up with the name 'Dainty Deity' and she explained that she used to make meditation boxes for her friends, she is petite and gave good advice and so Dainty Deity was born!

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