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Saturday Shout Out - Rock n Roll Bride

This year I am more than a little preoccupied with all things wedding as I will be saying 'I do' to S in November on what will be the 5th anniversary of the day we met. I am beyond excited and everything at this stage is pretty much in hand as far as planning and arrangements go. We both decided from the get go that we didn't want a big affair (this being 2nd time lucky for both of us) and had always said we would just take ourselves off and do it quietly abroad.

Even though I have never been before, I loved the idea of getting married in New York (I think my box sets of Sex and the City had a lot to do with it!) and so we decided to book a wedding planning company to sort out all the little details so we didn't have to, booked our flights and hotel and will be jetting off to get hitched in the Ladies Pavillion in Central Park with a honeymoon to follow in Acapulco. My sister and her husband are coming with us to New York and that is the whole wedding party!

Credit: NYC Architecture

I trawled the internet for dress inspiration but having little joy finding anything within my budget that I liked, I decided to design my own. As I love all things 50s, I came up with a tea length 50s style prom dress (pretty much as it looks in the invite caricature in my last post!) and I found a great local dressmaker who is going to bring my creation to life.

Anyway, this is a very long-winded way to mention this week's Saturday Shout Out - a completely fabulous blog I thank Google I stumbled across on my internet travels while trying to find images of weddings that weren't all the same - let me introduce Kat Williams - the Rock n Roll Bride! This is, without doubt, the best wedding blog I have found and I know that even after I'm married I will still log in for my daily fix of all the gorgeous weddings and talented wedding suppliers that feature on it.

Kat started blogging about three years ago as a way of recording her thoughts, wishes and wants for her own upcoming wedding and it took off from there.  Even after she got married in April 2008, Kat decided she wanted to continue with the blog and developed her own niche in the UK as far as providing a blog of all things wedding-y that don't conform to the traditional idea of what a wedding should be. 

Rock n Roll Bride is full of weddings that are original, quirky, vintage, retro, punk, tattooed, DIY'd or just simply different from the mainstream wedding industry's idea what a wedding should include and should look like.  Essentially, the weddings on Kat's website aren't different just for the sake of being different (like some of those featured on Four Weddings imho) they just totally reflect each couple's tastes and style (which to me is the whole point of the day).

Even if you aren't getting married in the near future, are already married or plan never to get married, Rock n Roll Bride is worth a looksee just for the great photography and gorgeous dresses, shoes and accessories (and sometimes even cupcakes!) that feature on it.  Even though we had photography included in the wedding package we booked for New York, after seeing the stunning photography on Kat's site, We knew that anything less than professional just wouldn't cut the mustard and I'm very excited that we have now booked a great New York based photographer to record our big day!

However, I have more than just wedding inspiration to thank the Rock n Roll Bride for as it was through her website I found out about Emma Jones' book 'Working 5-9' which featured Kat and told the story of how she worked on her blog in the evenings while still doing her normal day job.   This in turn gave me the impetus to finally do something other than simply daydream about trying to make art more than just a hobby. 

On top of that, when looking for information on blogging etiquette I found that Kat even had that covered with a whole load of advice within her 'How to...' section for blogging novices such as myself!

Kat is now in the enviable position where, after a lot of hard work and long hours, she has been able to go part-time in her other job (as a producer on a TV shopping channel) and devote more time to working on her wedding blog, taking on sponsors and advertisers who fit the whole ethos of Rock n Roll Bride.  She recently won best bridal style blog in a poll by the Wedding Channel and has been writing magazine articles and was even asked to speak at a recent photography conference on blogging and alternative wedding photography. 

So, as a way of saying thanks to Kat for inspiring me to follow my own dreams and all the invaluable advice she provided to me without even knowing it, I decided to do a caricature of her - as you can see, the lady is actually a walking work of art herself!

Credit: Forever After Images

I emailed Kat to ask her if it was ok for me to blog about her and to send her the caricature and was more than a little bit overwhelmed when she gave me a mention in her Thursday Treats section!! I'm guessing that if you don't know who she is just yet, if you are in anyway interested in weddings, photography, or blogging, it is only a matter of time because this lady is going stellar!

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  1. Yay for finding Rock n Roll Bride :-) wedding blogs are great for alternative and original wedding day ideas! Good luck for your big day - ps love the characture :-) Lou x x


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