Sunday, 15 August 2010

Websites, P!nk and Sunshine

I registered a little while ago with the Artists Web which is a website set up to help promote artists, both established and unknown.  They have a gallery that showcases different work and also offer to host websites for artists with the benefit being that they help to promote them and they are also high up in search engine searches which should then help to increase the possible traffic to the artists' websites as well.  They were doing a special half price offer on their websites for the year so I decided to go ahead in the hope that it might look more serious and professional to potential clients than just a blog (which is essentially just me rambling on about a load of rubbish which ultimately isn't that interesting to other people!).  There is also a forum so I can pick the brains of professional established artists.

Anyway, my website is up and running now and you can visit it by clicking on the button on the right of the blog which I designed yesterday along with one linking to my wee Folksy shop (which doesn't really have that much in it just yet other than my four card designs!)

Well, in between spending so much time on the computer googling, tweaking, scanning and updating, I finally finished my pointy portrait of P!nk.  It's on A5 size paper which is a better size to do these types of portraits on as the stippling technique is really time consuming, which is why the larger commissioned portraits I did recently took so long to complete - obviously the larger the area the more gazillions of dots needed to cover it!  I think for this type of art work I might stick to A5 or at the most A4 in future.  Mind you, I plan to use A3 for the competition I want to enter (Artway Gallery) only because I think anything smaller might get lost or overlooked amonst all the massive canvases I imagine are going to be submitted.

Right, the sun is miraculously shining for August in Northern Ireland, so now that this particular piece is finished, I am going to get my suncream on and get out to the back garden as inevitably it will be back to the usual grey skies tomorrow!

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