Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Another piece of the sketchbook puzzle

You know how sometimes we get so used to things just being there that eventually we don't even notice them anymore and then all of a sudden they catch our attention and we see them with fresh eyes? 

Well, I was pottering about in the kitchen the other day and noticed a wee wooden jigsaw puzzle/ornament thingy that I bought 15 years ago in Tunisia.  It always sits by the kitchen sink and has for the last 4 years but I just suddenly noticed it properly for the first time in ages. 

My initial thought was that we have an awful lot of tat and clutter that we seem to accumulate on our travels through life and maybe it was time to have a clear out.  Then I looked at it more closely and carefully and it occurred to me that maybe I could actually use it as inspiration for another of my sketches for the Arthouse Sketchbook Project. So that's exactly what I did and now I think I'll just let it go on sitting by the kitchen sink for another while longer!

A little bit of jigsaw inspiration, a few dots
and another dollop of artistic licence!

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