Thursday, 23 September 2010

Business cards, visits to Greater London & comedians we didn't see

I've been thinking for a while that I should probably have some business cards as I had been talking to Tracy from Lucy's Pet Pals who walks the pups for us on days when S can't get home at lunchtime and she kindly said she would mention my pet portraits to her other clients.  I thought that if I had cards I could pass them out to her and maybe to local pet supply stores, vets, etc.

Well, I ordered them through a very well known business card supplier although I created the layout myself using some of my recent pointy pictures (which made the price shoot up, unbeknownst to me until I got to the check out section) and they arrived on Friday just before I was heading off for the weekend to see my sister in her new (very old - circa 1580) house in East Molesley. 

Front of card

I am a bit disappointed with them, to be honest, as although the lay out is exactly what I wanted the quality of the printing and the flimsiness of the card makes them look as though I just printed them out myself at home - which for the price is a tad annoying.  Still, they are better than nothing and I've got 100 of them to get through so they will have to do!

Back of card

I didn't get any art done last weekend at all as I was having a very lovely girly weekend with my sister.  We had planned to go and see Dara O'Briain, the comedian, at the Hammersmith Apollo but as S will testify, we are notoriously rubbish at actually following through on any plans we make (one year at the Edinburgh festival we missed several daytime shows we'd already booked simply because it was an unusually sunny week and we didn't want to miss the sun!). 

Anyway, on realising that we were in row Z - practically in the foyer of the Apollo - and that we would have to take 1 train and 3 tubes to get there, we unanimously decided just to go to the cinema instead! I am going to see Dara O'Briain in November in Belfast anyway so am not really missing out but my sister decided she would be happy just to wait for the DVD of the tour to come out and watch it from the comfort of her sofa!  Anyway we went to see 'The Other Guys' with Will Ferrell and it was brilliant!

Also from talking to my sister, I've discovered a possible gap in the market as far as city scapes are concerned. She said she searched high up and low down for original paintings of Belfast and found them very hard to come by - she was even told by a gallery owner in England that they had also had this problem.  With that in mind, I asked S to get some photos of various landmarks of the city on Monday when he took his brother into Belfast (he was over from Glasgow for a visit and is a very good amateur photographer with all the best of equipment) so hopefully I can find some time to fill that gap with some pointy pics of our capital city! Meanwhile I saw this one on Flickr taken during the Christmas market at City Hall and thought it made the City look really nice.
Belfast City Hall & Xmas Market
Credit: GreyHobbit/Flickr.Com
Creative Commons Licence


  1. The photograph at the bottom almost looks like a drawing already! You'll have fun with that! I hope you get some drawing done this weekend. I need to do the same.

  2. Yes, it's getting more and more difficult to find time these days - the darker evenings don't help! Your sketches are so lovely - I love seeing what you come up with as it's a difficult theme you chose!


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