Saturday, 25 September 2010

The end of the world (when they believed the world was flat!

This is the 9th sketch for my project.  I took this from a photo we took when we went back to Portugal last year.  We hired a car and travelled up and down the length of the Algarve (I lived there for a couple of years many moons ago and it was lovely to go back and see all the places again - although many of them have gotten so built up and over developed, which is a shame).  This was taken at Cape St Vincent which is the most south westerly point of Europe and was thought to be the end of the world before the explorers realised the world wasn't flat and went off to discover the Americas!

Portugal so far is my favourite place in the world and if ever my lottery numbers come up, we'll definitely be buying a villa there! 

This time for a change, I decided to use coloured pencils (as well as my trusty ink) and resisted the temptation to use dots for once!

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  1. That's a lovely view, and I really like the colour you've injected into the sketch.


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