Sunday, 5 September 2010

Next stop on the Sketchbook tour.... Spain!

This is sketch number 5 for the Arthouse Co-op project.  I took this photo when I was in Girona a couple of years ago, visiting my friend Tracy who is lucky enough to live in Spain.  Girona is a gorgeous old town not too far from where she lives in a lovely wee seaside place called San Feliu de Guixols.  I mentioned before that the theme I chose is 'if you lived here...' and at the minute I'm interpreting it pretty literally by sketching landscapes/cityscapes/streetscapes of various places. 

So far I have stuck to places I have actually been to and I would like to try to fill the book with those although I don't know if I have enough good photos to work from (or been to enough places for that matter!)  I have seen some lovely scenes on that website I mentioned a few posts back called Paint my Photo that I would like to try but I'll see how I get on with using my own photos first. 

I have also got an idea of maybe just making up some fantasy places and sketching them or making the theme even more literal with drawings of animal habitats/homes.  Anyway I have 40 pages to fill so I just may have to stretch the boundary of the theme to fill them all!

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