Friday, 3 September 2010

Pointy Pet Portrait of Patterdales!!

If you have a look back a couple of posts you'll see photos of two lovely wee curly/long haired Patterdale Terriers that I was doing a pointy portrait of.  Unfortunately when I enlarged and printed those photos off, they lost some of their sharpness and definition so I asked if it was possible to get some more.  However, In the meantime, the dogs had been to the grooming parlour for a nice neat short, back and sides!! They look like very different dogs without their curls and long hair but really cute nevertheless.  Lizzy (the red one) even has the most adorable wee pout going on!!


I spent 14 hours on the portrait in total and just finished it last night.  As you can see in the photo, poor wee Mitzy is getting on in years and has a cataract now but artistic licence means I can fix her eye for the portrait at least.

Mitzy and Lizzy

This is a close up of Lizzy
so you can see
the dots of stippled ink
which make up the picture

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