Thursday, 30 September 2010

Sketch 11 - Through the eye of a fish!

My future brother-in-law was here for a visit from Glasgow recently.  He's a great amateur photographer and took a lot of photos while he was here.  He used a fish eye lense to take some of them and I really liked the way it distorts the buildings.  I decided to use one of his photos as a starting point but as you can see, once again I used a large amount of artistic licence - removing the big sculpture thingy in the photo and adding and leaving out other things as I saw fit!  I did this in just a couple of hours - as you can no doubt tell by the very sketchy detail and it was handy that the buildings were distorted so I didn't need to worry so much about getting proportions or perspective correct!

I still have 31 pages to fill and am getting a bit concerned about getting the project completed as I've so many other things to do as well and it's only 7 weeks now until the big day when we'll be away for 3 weeks and I won't be taking my sketchbook on on honeymoon with me! So, if the sketchbook has to be postmarked 15 January 2011 and I take off the dates we'll be away that leaves me approximately 85 evenings to do 31 more sketches, plus some Christmas paintings, some Christmas cards and the competition entry which I still haven't started and which needs to be in for 10 October! Hey ho, it'll be worth it when I'm a rich artist. Pfft :0/

Belfast, Cornmarket


  1. Ooh, I love this one! What a cool way to look at the world.
    I figured that if I don't get all the pages done, I can remove some of them, right? Or just turn it in with some blank pages...
    Honeymoon, how exciting!!

  2. Hi Katherine, Thanks! I did notice that the pages in the second half of the book have littler perforations for ripping them out so I suppose we could do that. I'd really love to get it all finished though.


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