Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Two more additions to the Wee'uns family

I was asked to design a 'get well soon' card and another type of birthday card for the Wee'uns range. Here they are:-

The get well soon design could work equally with "Missing you and feeling blue..." as the slogan instead as Reuben does look a wee bit fed up - which I think he was as I had him posing for photos to use as a reference for the design!
I've been asked if I'm going to be doing Christmas cards as well, which I do plan to do in between the sketches and the painting I still have to do for the art competition I entered (yikes! and it's only 9 weeks til we're off to New York!)


  1. How sweet! The doggy in the basket would certainly cheer me up if I were sick! He is so adorable. I enjoy your sketches.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is SO cute! What a talented artist you are! (Although, trust my silly brain to immediately think ''ha! Wouldn't it be funny if it said sorry you're feeling PAW-ly?!'' :D )

  3. Thank you both so much. I see what you did there Corrine and your brain is obviously much wittier than mine as that didn't even occur to me!!

    Katherine, I just popped on to your blog and saw sketch 7 - beautiful and I love the whole artistic licence thing - a pool at sunset is so much better than a car park!


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