Friday, 15 October 2010

Ding dong merrily on high (or words to that effect!)

I mentioned a couple of days ago about how I wanted to come up with some Christmas cards based on the style of the Patchwork Orange.  This is the first of the pictures I'm thinking of using and I'll hopefully come up with some more ideas when inspiration strikes (and time allows).  I've been trying to think what the card should say on it - just Merry Christmas doesn't seem very imaginative (although I know it is a Christmas card!) - I'd appreciate any ideas anyone may have for something more original or quirky and if anyone has any ideas of scenes I'd love to hear them and see what I can come up with!!


  1. You're on to something with this quirky tilty idea! I love it! This picture would be a cheery card, indeed!

  2. Thanks Katherine, I'll be sending them to all my friends and family this year as I've already stockpiled the blank cards!!


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