Tuesday, 26 October 2010

List it Tuesday - Could you pass the salt, please, Marilyn?

This week, I made a list of the guests (dead or alive) that I would invite to my fantasy dinner party.  I came across this portrait of James Dean recently in my old portfolio and thought it might be an appropriate illustration given that he's number one on the list!  Forgive the crudeness of the painting but I did it when I was 19 (a really, really long time ago!) I hope I've improved since then!

If you want to join in with a list of your own or just want to have a read of the other lists just head on over to Artsyville!


  1. Yes, James Dean...so much I want ask Marilyn too!!!

  2. WOW! love the painting, and the list - i can imagine them all around the table right now! i'd have to hire someone to do the cooking for that one just so i could sit and listen to the conversation.

  3. Great idea for a list! Can I come, too? :)

  4. I've been thinking about this for a list for a while and can't decide who I'd want on it. I love your list. Looks like there would be some lively conversation.


  5. Thanks so much for blog / list link and a great list be you!

    It's a strange but common addiction ya know?! I write a 'to-do' list every morning and have an on-going 'write-down-food-items-we-are-running-out-of' list on the fridge plus 2 other sorts in my diary!!

    Be warned! This is a form of entertainment when you reach 40.

  6. where do i RSVP? fascinating list. so creative. i think the painting is lovely too. glad to have found your site.

  7. what an interesting dinner party - would you use those "conversation starters" to get people going? If I was invited I would ask if I could invite Colin Firth...
    thanks for following my blog

  8. Love this idea - great conversation starter for a "real" dinner :)

    That last one, your "Scottish" fiance, I first read "cook" as "cock"...I had to go back and double check ;) I must apologize, Scottish men make me think of things below the kilt, er, belt.

    I remember when I first saw Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You - still my favorite movie of his. As with James, it's always the good who die young, isn't that what they say?


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