Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Patchwork Orange

I haven't done any artwork in over a week!  In my defence, I've had a few things going on in my 9-5 which has distracted me from my sketchbook at lunchtimes but the main reason is that I've just been a bit too lazy!

I have been busy rallying the world and his dog to vote for my Be a Biographer design which I am sure everyone is fed up hearing about by now but fingers crossed all my badgering has done the trick and I might have made it through to the final of my section - I'll find out tomorrow.

Also I was given a reprieve for the Artway competition I wanted to enter - the closing date was supposed to be today but I checked on the website and discovered that due to popular request the deadline has been extended to 21 November so I may just manage to drag myself away from the sketchbook project in time to get a piece done after all.

As for the never ending sketchbook project - I did sketch #14 today.  We were driving back from Cloughey beach yesterday when I noticed the landscape looked quite rounded in the horizon with a wee house perched on the top of a hill.  It must have stuck in my head as I started doodling today and came up with this imaginary landscape based on that idea.  I liked the whole distorted building thing from my sketch of Cornmarket  so tried it again to twist the buildings in this one. I started painting the houses, decided I liked the orange/red/terracotta shades and ended up doing the whole picture in those tones which sort of inspired the name - a patchwork orange. 


  1. oh wow, I love that....that is just the type of artwork I buy when I go to Cornwall :)

  2. Thanks Sharon - It has actually made me want to do a whole series of pictures as I like that it's all wonky and surreal! I'd like to do some Christmas cards in this style so would love your feedback when I do!

  3. This is the risk of sounding old-fashioned... DELIGHTFUL! I love the cheery whimsy of it. Very nice! And you've pulled ahead of me, I'm just finishing #14 today.

  4. Thanks so much Katherine! It is whimsical which I also love and I think I might be adding a few more of this type of sketch into the book (not least because they are quick to do!)


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