Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sketch #12 - Bittles Bar, Belfast

This is another photo that S's brother took when he was over here recently.  It's hard to believe that such a blue sky belongs in Northern Ireland but he got lucky that day (the rest of his trip was pretty much rained off!) This is a bar in the centre of Belfast called Bittles, which I have never actually been in but it is a beautiful old building.  It reminds me of the Flat Iron building in New York - a much, much smaller version obviously but it's just the way it is shaped sort of like a wedge (although in the photo and my picture it looks more like a tower, it is actually wedge-shaped!).

Anyway, I started this one in ink as usual and then decided that for a change I wouldn't add any colour as I thought maybe the detail of the brickwork would be enough. (That, and I need to find ways to speed up the whole Sketchbook thing or I'll never get it completed!) 

P.S I could say it was deliberate, but actually the truth is I never noticed until I posted these side by side that they appear to lean in opposite directions!


  1. Thanks Joe. I just had a look at your blog - I'm very impressed with all that you do and with the amount of languages that you speak!!

  2. A beautiful job! I love the shape and ink work...and I'll bet the beer and wine taste better in a place like that!


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