Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sketch #13 - Somewhere snowy!

I used two different photos from Paint My Photo as inspiration for this picture. I changed the sky from bright sunny daylight to a sort of dusky twilight as I wanted to have the house lit up and cosy looking.  The snowy photo was taken by Gwen in Canada and the old house was taken by Teresa in Maine, America.  As my painting is made up of both places and isn't in itself a real place I suppose it will go in my sketchbook as another of those places that exist in my imagination (but this time with the help of some beautiful photographs merged together and mixed up a little!)

Winter Beauty by Gwen Card

Antique building by Teresa Houston


  1. Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for the blog link... I've enjoyed browsing around. I was surprised at that oh-so-blue sky in Ireland too (coming from England I well remember those grey skies!)

  2. Beautiful how you combined the two to create your own masterpiece. Love all your skies and artwork. You are a creative soul and it's a pleasure to meet you here in blogland!

  3. Hi Scarlet Ily thanks for your lovely comment and I'm off now to catch up with another day in paradise!


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