Monday, 18 October 2010

Sketch #16 - Somewhere beachy

This is another of those sketches of a place that doesn't exist. I made it up just doodling and using the bendy building idea.  I liked it until I started using watercolour pencils to 'colour it in' and now I actually don't like it very much at all. I wanted to make it all shades of blue like the terracotta tones in a patchwork orange but realised if I did that it wouldn't be possible to tell the sea from the sand.  Big mistake - should've just stuck to my original plan and done it all in blue and also should've used watercolour paints and not pencils.  Still it's all a learning curve.  It's in my sketchbook as part of the project and so it will stay there and serve as a reminder of how I don't want my pictures to look in the future. 


  1. Now THIS is paradise! Funky and fun...I love it! India ink and watercolour pencils will be on my shopping list!

  2. Aw thanks Scarlet Ily (Not sure should I call you Scarlet or Illy or both!) I love indian ink (as you can tell from my blog its pretty much all I use along with watercolour!)Might be a good medium to use for your life drawings/sketches?


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