Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sketch 18 - oh la la C'est Paris!

This is yet another sketch which I did using a beautiful photograph from Paint My Photo.  This one was taken by Joseph Latos and it is of a bridge over the River Seine.  In the photograph, I just loved the dark of the bridge against the sunset sky in the background and the way it reflects off the water - if you've seen some of the other sketches I've done recently you'll see a bit of a theme developing - it's my favourite sort of scene as it lends itself so well to ink and watercolour.  Again I only hope I've done the original photograph justice.

Credit: Joseph Latos

I feel like I'm really running out of time now to get the sketchbook finished as in 3 weeks today I'll be off in New York getting married (I may have mentioned that once or twice recently!!) so needless to say sketching is the last thing on my mind at the moment as I've been running round trying to sort out last minute niggles and dress fittings etc. 

When I do get a minute at the moment, I've been more inclined to park my lazy bahooka on the sofa in my fleecy pj's (I'm such a fashionista!) alongside S and the pups.  Even more so since the weather has turned so cold and we've been lighting the wood burning stove - sitting out in the not so warm kitchen sketching while the fire blazes next door in the living room is not really very appealing!

After another moan from me saying I just couldn't wait for the sketchbook to be filled, S did suggest just sacking the idea as it's taking up so much time and keeping me from doing other sorts of artwork that I want to do but I've worked so hard on it this far that I'm determined to see it through to completion - especially since they've added another 3 American Cities that the exhibition will tour round.

Still, I'm changing jobs when I get back from honeymoon in December and I'll have time off over the Christmas and New Year holidays this year so will just have to make a concerted effort to get the sketchbook finished and posted back to America by 15 January 2011.

Note to self - keep calm and carry on!


  1. Congratulations on your getting married!!! Mazel Tov!

    No, I didn't know that. I have just met you! Best of everything to you!

  2. lovely to "meet" you!
    love your painted photo...
    & that you were there to take it!
    sending you CALM & hope for allyouneed.

  3. I really like this! At first it was the splash of sunlight on the water I thought I liked best, but have since decided that my favorite part is the little patch of leaves up in the far corner.

    Safe travels, best wishes on your marriage, and if you ever find yourself in Chicago, we'll have to meet in person!

  4. Hi Rachel, thanks so much for the calm - I think I'll need it. Unfortunately I can't take credit for being there to take that photo - I was there many years ago on a school trip but never saw this lovely bridge in person!!

    Hi ODM Thanks so much and yes, If I ever manage to take that road trip across America that we've promised ourselves then I will definitely look you up in Chicago!!

  5. I really like this!

    Deep breath and keep calm and carry on ;)
    Happy weekend!

  6. Oh, I'm so happy you are getting married! Sending you peace and calm too:) Love the bridge!


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