Friday, 29 October 2010

This is why I didn't sketch last night...

I didn't manage to get out to my 'studio' at the kitchen table to sketch last night. Below is the reason - not the dog - she was too comatose from the heat emanating from our fire, no the fire itself is to blame. S lit it while I was up getting showered and when I came downstairs the living room was all toasty warm, Brodie was spreadeagled on their cushion in front of it and Reuben (the other dog) was waiting patiently to sprawl himself across my lap! Plus there was a Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and Diet Coke (I felt it needed all capitals) waiting on the coffee table for my arrival, the glass all condensation from the cold nectar of the Gods, just crying out to be sipped in front of some no brainer TV! What's a girl to do?


  1. A girl is supposed to indulge in a scene like that. I'm envious. ;)

  2. You did right! Aaaw, I used to have a little Westie that looked so much like that...his name was Scottie!

  3. whee! i have an ale calling my name, so i totally understand!


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