Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Crafty Shout Out - Betsy Jarvis

What with one thing and another I haven't done a crafty shout out for quite some time but when I discovered this gorgeous little gem of a shop on Folksy recently, I absolutely had to contact Steff the designer and owner and ask if I could tell anyone who would listen all about the delightful stuff she makes!


Steff, the mastermind behind Betsy Jarvis qualified in textile design some years ago but, as is a very familiar story, ended up working in the drudgery of the rat race as that was the way to pay the bills - as she says herself  she couldn’t face being an impoverished artist whilst she built up a name!


However,  after deciding to take a leap of faith and do what she loves to do, Steff has now been making and selling Betsy Jarvis products for 2 years and introduced her range to cyberspace in July this year and it is now happily Steff's full time occupation.

The gorgeous items in Betsy Jarvis' shop are very much inspired by vintage French style.  Steff favours utilitarian fabrics such as hessian and canvas and isn't a fan of pink, fluffy, girly things.  However she believes (and I agree) that vintage can be and is quite often pretty in a sort of bygone, no frills sort of way. 

I know exactly what she means by this as when I looked at the cushions initially it immediately brought to mind the image of land girls making do and mending and keeping calm and carrying on! There is nothing kitsch about Betsy Jarvis products - they are simply beautiful and I can definitely imagine a couple of those cushions scattered around my bedroom!


Betsy Jarvis is stocked in a few shops within the Lincolnshire area where Steff is based and she is currently discussing a possibility of supplying to a shop in France which Steff jokes is like selling ice to the Eskimos given the French influence in her designs, but generally she is focusing more on online shops and stockists - which is good news for us as it means we can avail of these lovely items at the click of a button!

This one can be personalised with
the date for an anniversary present - I heart it!!

Currently you can find Betsy Jarvis products on the official website, in the Folksy online shop and read more about the trials and tribulations of Betsy Jarvis on the Betsy Jarvis blog! The products have also just been accepted on Not Mass Produced and will be listed for purchase there shortly.


As I am always intrigued to know how a name is chosen, I asked Steff where the name for her company came from and she told me that Betsy Jarvis was her husband's Grandmother, and although they never met, she is told she was a very sweet lady......and she had a really cute name (which I think totally fits in with the era and the images that the products evoke in my mind.)


“Success isn't about achieving something in the future, but about doing something now that you love” Zen habits

This is a solid piece of advice which brings to mind Carpe Diem (seize the day) which is a motto that S & I aim to live by and my own motto which I hope to make true someday - Life is too short to make photocopies - make art instead!! (I may just have made that up but it is true nevertheless!)

These are just a few of the many gorgeous things stocked by Betsy Jarvis - hop on over to the links above to check out the rest of the items - I know what I have in mind for Christmas pressies anyway!!


  1. what a wonderful little review on a delightful shop. i LOVE french inspired art! no matter what it is. thank you so much for visiting my blog. how lovely to have found one another.
    happy day!

  2. great shop. i love the pillow with the letter/stamped envelope! lovely find.


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