Friday, 12 November 2010

Feeling Blue

Those of you who read the odd post of mine might recall a couple of quirky imaginary scenes I created as sketches for the never ending sketchbook project which I called Patchwork Orange and Somewhere Beachy.  Well, this is another one that I came up with the other day during the ferry crossing back to Belfast from Glasgow.  I managed to draw the outlines for 3 sketches during that crossing and then finished them off in colour over the next few evenings.  I think this is sketch 20 (at this point I'm no longer sure of anything other than there are still far too many blank pages staring back at me!)

This is another completely imaginary scene based on the same twisty houses and this time, as you can see, I decided to do it all shades of blue to hopefully reflect the fact that it is night time!  There will probably be a few more of these cropping up in the sketchbook and I'll also maybe get some good photos in New York which I can use for inspiration for actual real places too.

I know I've said it before but I will be so glad when the sketchbook project is completed. I am looking forward to knowing my sketchbook will be touring American cities with the other 25,000 (at last count) but at the same time it's taken over my life and I miss doing pointy portraits in ink - I am hoping to start one of our two dogs soon - not sure how their fur will lend itself to pointillism but it'll be a challenge finding out!


  1. This is great! I've been wanting to draw a sketch completely from my imagination. I'll bet it's harder than I think!
    Your dogs are adorable.
    Best wishes on the wedding and the trip to NY!

  2. Thank you so much Katherine. Sometimes imaginary scenes are actually easier because you don't have to worry about perspective and light and shade as it's all in your head - especially when the buildings are all twisty - they can look however you want and no one can say it isn't so!!

  3. this would make an amazing book cover! i think you should pen a children's story to go with it!

  4. Thanks Aimee. I did once write a children's story just so that I could illustrate it actually (that was about 14 years ago and it is still on my 'things to complete' list! Maybe once the sketchbook project is finished I might get round to it!


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