Tuesday, 9 November 2010

List It Tuesday - Things that make me happy!

Last week was all about the irritations in life so to keep on the good side of the karma police I thought this week I should list the things in this world, both natural and man-made that make me feel all warm and fuzzy! In no particular order:-
1.     When the pups snuggle in beside me on the sofa.

Brodie & Reuben

2.      When S surprises me with an amazing trip away somewhere and the thoughtful way he tells me about it by cooking me a meal in the style of the country we're going to visit!


3.       Fireworks - really good public displays and not the immensely annoying whee...plop ones that people let off in their back yard!

Glasgow Guy Fawkes - Fireworks. 
Photos credit: Alan McLean

4.      A beautiful sunset/sunrise.

Sunrise - Norway


 5.     Hillwalking to the top of Slieve Bernagh - not necessarily the actual climb but the feeling I get when we finally make it to the top and know that I totally deserve the bars of chocolate we brought for energy!

Slieve Bernagh back in the days
when I was fit and had long hair!
6.     A random act of kindness by a stranger.

7.     Travelling to another city/country/continent that I've not been to before.

Vittoriano, Rome

8.     Getting tickets to see my favourite comedian/musician

9.    Watching Polar Express on Christmas Eve with S & the pups, a mug of mulled wine, the fairy lights twinkling and the log fire blazing.


10.     A rainy day, no particular place to go, a really good book & a cup of coffee !

I keep thinking of more stuff that makes me happy which I suppose is no bad thing, but in the interests of keeping the list readable, I'll keep it to 10!

What makes you happy?  Don't forget to pop over to Artsyville to check out Aimee's list and see what other bloggers are listing this week.

This is my last list for a few weeks being as next week I'll be in New York (I know, I'm boring you now but I'm soooo excited!!)


  1. Very impressed with point 2! A happy list indeed (-;
    Have a super New York trip. It's in my top 10 that's for sure! Off to do my list right now...

  2. I too am impressed. S. sounds pretty amazing! And I just want to squeeze those pups! Your lists are such a delight!

    Have a blast in NYC!

    PS I have a giveaway on my blog....you should enter! (last day today--10 pm ET US)


  3. #2 is awesome, no wonder you're marrying him, what a keeper!

    My neighborhood is fireworks central...I swear people around here keep a year round stash. "It's Arbor Day? Hooray, let's whip out the fireworks!"

    #4 and #10 totally make my top 10 list of fav things too :)

    #8 - Going to do this for the first time this weekend for my birthday! The husband and I always get a giggle from the internet clip show, Tosh.0 - we're catching his stand-up act.

    Good job balancing the karma, happy Tuesday!

  4. super!! i am in complete love with #2!!

  5. Ooh New York next week! So awesome.

    I really love your list. Number 2 is such a great idea, I need to implement that on our next trip (or surprise trip!) And no. 7 & 10 never fail to be wonderful. :)

    Oh and you mentioned the puppies when you commented on my blog post earlier, thanks by the way. And they are adorable.


  6. I LOVE you list. Cuddling with the pups, my fave!(you photos are stunning BTW)
    You have a wonderful time in New York...what fun! I've only been once in my life and it really something.

  7. lovely post .. I love polar express on xmas eve too!!....have a super duper time in new york!! :-)

  8. Thanks so much everyone for your well wishes for our trip to NYC and your comments on the loveliness of S and his thoughtful ways! Yes, I kissed a lot of frogs before I found him but he's definitely a keeper and I can't wait to become his Mrs next week!

  9. Howdy Pointy Pix,
    I really like this list and also your list and car drawing of 'Things that make you go Grrr!'

    Have fun in NY and Acupulco.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - and don't forget to checkout my give-a-way!


  10. Congrats and have a wonderful time in NY! Looking forward to more lists when you return.


Your comments always colour me happy! Thank you for popping by.


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