Sunday, 14 November 2010

New York or Bust

Well,  the time has finally come and tomorrow morning we are flying to New York for our wedding on Thursday 18 November (on what will be the 5th anniversary of the day we met!).

It seems like it's been a long time coming but yet this year has absolutely flown by.  I designed my own dress and found a wonderful dressmaker to bring it to life.  I bought a wedding dress travel box the right size for hand luggage as I'm not letting that baby out of my sight! 

I've managed to get all my accessories from jewellery crafters I've found on Etsy and Folksy , a gorgeous retro bag and a faux fur jacket the exact shade of champagne as my dress on Ebay and the practical boring side of me even managed to find some shoes that totally go with the style of my dress whilst being suitable to wear to work once the big day is over (well, there IS a recession on - make do and mend and all that!) I did make some shoe decorations out of a toilet roll tube and some sticky back plastic (I jest - it was actually some material flowers and sticky clip on earring backs!) the idea being to clip them on for the day to jazz the shoes up a bit.  It seemed like a good idea  and I was all chuffed with my ingenuity however once I tried them on with the dress they looked less wedding shoe and more clown shoe so I'll just leave them at home I think!

I've written my vows which I am determined to read without blubbing (although I've invested in waterproof mascara just in case). 

I lost 10lbs over the summer and then promptly put most of it back on again as a result of, well, chocolate mostly.  At this point it doesn't matter and I don't care.

We've chased the wedding planning company for documentation to prove we paid them several hundred pounds to organise our big day - seriously, we paid them for a gold package to include location of our choice (see below), flowers (which if you want anything but roses you have to then pay extra for), pre-wedding consultations (non-existent), an officiant who provides a money order for the wedding licence (she knew nothing about that!) - Aggh - they promise to organise everything so you don't have to worry but they caused us more stress (and proved much more expensive) than if we'd just organised it ourselves!

Ultimately we discovered the location wasn't actually booked with the Parks Department at all ('but at that time in the morning, I'm sure it won't be a problem just turning up and getting wed there' - OMG!), the wedding licence isn't actually included in the price we paid any more but we'll get that refunded (am guessing the cheque got lost in the post the same as all the letters they claim they previously sent, as we're still waiting).  In the end up we just filled in our details online ourselves to speed up the process when we go to collect the licence from City Hall a couple of days before our wedding.  We've spoken to our officiant by email (she signs them 'peace' and is a reiki master as well as an officiant) and are looking forward to meeting this lady in the flesh (even though she referred to our wedding location as 'a bit of a wedding factory'- Gulp.)

Anyway, at this point we are past all the stressing out and panicking - one way or another we WILL be getting married on our anniversary and we will get some fabulous photos taken by Brian Friedman, our photographer, all around Central Park and Times Square and we will have an amazing meal in the River Cafe looking at the Manhattan skyline through the big picture window.

S collected his made to measure kilt suit in Glasgow last weekend and he is going to look gorgeous in it. The biggest dilemma facing him right now is whether to wear grey socks (to match his jacket and waistcoat) or cream socks to match his shirt - I'll have to wait til the big day to see which he chooses!

Being from Ireland and used to it always raining, I've even bought an umbrella with burgundy and cream hearts on a grey background which will totally match our colour scheme should the New York weather be unkind!

Anyway, all that's left to do now is look forward to visiting the most exciting city in the world and parade around in my 50s prom style dress acting like I'm Carrie Bradshaw with my very own Mr Big!

See you when we get back from New York (by way of Acapulco!)


  1. The very best wishes to you and S.! It is too late to stress, so relax and enjoy! The details you described here are fabulous, I wish I could be there on the BIG day and see for myself. Be sure to describe everything when you get back!


  2. Acting like Carrie Bradshaw with your very own Mr. Big in NYC sounds like a wonderful way to start a life together!! YES!! I wish I could be a larger than life fly on top of the Empire State Building and see everything! :)

    Congratulations and don't forget to wear yellow undies (or Bloomies from Bloomingdale's) for good luck (it's a Brazilian thing!)! ;)

    ENJOY!! xo

  3. Congrats you two!!!!

    Your getaway wedding sounds immensely romantic! Can't wait to see photos.

  4. Congratulations, safe travels and I can't wait to see pictures!!!

  5. Hearty go have some Cheesecake! Post up your pictures ASAP (-;

  6. Wow, Congratulations!! I'm looking forward to your photos when you return!!!! :D
    Truly happy for you.

  7. Oh my goodness, how exciting! Good luck! :)


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