Saturday, 6 November 2010

Turns out I can't count!

I finished this sketch last Saturday and counted through the sketchbook to see how many I'd done in total including the front cover.  I got to 19.  I counted again.  I got 19 again.  How can this be possible, I thought to myself, when my last sketch post was titled 'Sketch 19 Oh la la  etc' (which I have subsequently re-named)?? I logged on and counted through the sketches I've previously posted and realised I skipped a number along the way.  So here I am, simultaneously pleased to have finished another sketch and  disappointed to discover it's one less than I thought I'd done.

There isn't a specific photo that I drew this from.  Just a whole collection of Amsterdam source photos from which I construted a street scene and coloured the houses whatever shade I fancied. 

I did actually go to Amsterdam for my sister's hen (bachelorette) weekend several years ago. However I'd like to go back and experience it without a hangover so I could appreciate the city and what it has to offer on a more cultural level (We didn't even make it into Anne Frank's house, for shame!)  I love the architecture though - the houses look doll-like and quirky and I drew this in keeping with that idea (i.e wonky and tilty!)


  1. I love this! It looks like a greeting card, or a scene from a storybook. Very nice!

  2. this is has so much life!


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