Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... and then it was the best of times again!

It was the best of times

Well,  where to start?  So we landed in New York on Monday 15 November and spent a crazy three days sightseeing, visiting City Hall to get our marriage licence, shopping for cheesy but absolutely necessary I heart New York souvenirs, eating pretzels from the street vendors, taking photographs of ourselves in front of every famous New York building or landscape, walking along looking skyward in awe at the size of all the amazingly tall buildings in Manhattan and therefore clearly standing out as the tourists we were, as all the New Yorkers walked along looking down or straight ahead!

My sister arrived on Tuesday and joined us on Wednesday for more sightseeing, eating, drinking and all round New York fabulousness.  My brother-in-law was meant to have been our only other wedding guest but something cropped up at work which prevented him from coming in the end up which was a shame but ultimately it actually turned out to be handy there were only 3 of us as on the wedding day we all fit in one yellow cab along with our amazing photographer Brian Friedman!

On Wednesday morning we walked down to the Ladies Pavilion in Central Park to scope it out for the wedding on Thursday. It was the only thing in New York that actually looked smaller than it did in the photos. Plus there was a homeless guy just packing away his bedding when we arrived at 11.00a.m - the exact time we were getting married at the next day!!

We ended up going to the Gershwin Theatre on Wednesday night to see Wicked - and it was brilliant!! I'm so pleased we saw a show on Broadway as it is another of those things you really should do when in New York. 

Thursday morning arrived and as our hotel was so close to Central Park we walked to Central Park West and West 77th Street to meet our officiant before going to the Ladies Pavilion.  We couldn't have asked for a better day - the colours in the park were amazing, the sky was blue, no wind, no rain - just ideal.  Which was just as well as when we arrived at the park the homeless guy was having a lie in and was still fast asleep!  We figured his needs were greater than ours and chose a different location at Hernshead rather than wake him up!
The Ladies Pavilion was occupied when we arrived!

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen since 1998 but who also happened to be having a trip to New York was there waiting for us as she'd seen my Facebook status about the wedding location!! It was so amazing to see her and she and her friends stayed for the ceremony!


Central Park

 After the ceremony we walked through the park a bit while Brian snapped away - we even had a lady ask us if it was a real wedding or were we shooting a commercial!  We went to Times Square and even though I am not normally fond of getting my photo taken as I'm not especially photogenic Brian is a genius who is totally unobtrusive and once we got over the initial self-consciousness we were totally loving feeling like celebrities as we strutted all over Times Square and Grand Central Station getting our photos taken.  We loved that people in New York are so genuinely pleased for other people and so many folk came up to congratulate us or shake our hands and wish us well as we were walking around.

Times Square

Grand Central Station

We finished the photos and had some champagne in the bar in Grand Central Station and going for lunch to Planet Hollywood with Brian before he had to head off for another engagement.  He managed to get us whisked in past the queue like proper VIPs! We had such a laid back, relaxed day with only ourselves to please and after lunch headed to an Irish bar for a couple of drinks before going to the River Cafe for dinner. The view is amazing which is why we chose it and the food was outstanding.  We did our best to capture the view but the photos aren't quite up to Brian's standard.

My chocolate Brooklyn Bridge

The view from the River Cafe, Brooklyn
 It was the worst of times

Anyway, after an amazing wedding day we were looking forward to an amazing honeymoon in Acapulco.  We arrived at JFK Airport at 10pm only to be told that Mexicana, the airline we booked with, had gone bust in September only our online travel agent had 'forgotten' to tell us!  We spent hours on the phone to an Indian call centre trying to get someone to help us.  They suggested we 'go home' and they would sort it out on Monday!! Er, we're 4,000 miles from home stranded in an American airport, you idiot!

 As it was so late at night the airport was deserted, we couldn't get wifi and needed somewhere to go.  We ended up checking into a hotel with free wifi near the airport.  Believe me when I tell you this place was more like somewhere you would rent a room by the hour or wake up in the bath with your kidney missing - urgh.  After a total of 3 hours on the phone to the travel agent over the 13 hour period they finally agreed they had massively stuffed up and gave us a full refund.  We then had about an hour to decide on another holiday online before we had to check out of the hotel and would be denied internt access once again!  We couldn't get to Acapulco so we settled on Cancun.  Initially I was gutted as you can fly to Cancun from Ireland and I really wanted somewhere unusal that you could only get to via America.  But by then we just needed to book something. So Cancun it was.

It was the best of times again!

Cancun is very much a manmade resort of highrise hotels and shopping malls and in my opinion is pretty soul-less as a result.  However, we made the most of it.  The sun shone most days, we had a lovely hotel with a room overlooking the white sand and turquoise waters of the Caribbean and we visited Chichen Itza to try to get a little bit of culture!  Best of all we went over to Isla Mujeres and swam with dolphins!  It was amazing! We boogie boarded, belly pulled, kissed, hugged, played ball  - we loved every minute of it and it totally made our honeymoon a trip to remember for the right reasons!  Now we have something else to tick off the bucket list!

The most amazing experience with
the most beautiful, intelligent creatures ever!

So that was our trip.  After Cancun we had one more full day in New York where we bought a load more souvenirs and little brown bags from Bloomingdales!  Sorry this is sooooo long but honestly, it is impossible to condense this any further as it was possibly the most eventful trip of my life so far!

By the time it was over we were so looking forward to getting back to the pups as we missed them so much.  So much so that we've decided any future holidays we take, the pups will be coming with us!

But for now, I am left with amazing photos taken by a fabulous photographer, a bit of a suntan and a lot of prickly heat, some jet lag and, most importantly, a very lovely husband!


  1. Sounds like you had an unforgettable time! You both look so happy! The photos are fantastic, you'd looked fab on the wedding day too! Congratulations and I hope you have a long and very happy marriage!! Jo x

  2. You both look fantastic! What an adventure! Gorgeous dress, you look so pretty! This is the first time I saw your photo - you are beautiful! Your husband looks wonderful too and very devoted. I am so glad you have experienced swimming with dolphins, I have done so myself some years ago, it is unforgettable and undescribable experience. And sorry about your idiot agent, what a tool - very unprofessional. Still you must have had a time of your life - so happy for you! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your wedding photos look like "royalty in the park" and you can't get more romantic than the Times Square shot. Wow!! Congratulations, once again, Chica! :)

    I'm glad you made the most of Cancun. I've yet to visit and I've yet to swim with the dolphins. I'm still working (and revising) my bucket list. So much to do, so much to see!

    Enjoy the start of a beautiful journey together. You're an adorable couple!!

  4. Lovely to hear about your trip. The photos are great. I just got back from NYC yesterday and you have the same photos as mine, (except for the kissing, nicer clothes and magazine quality pics).
    I love the Time Square photo. How you managed to take that shot without the other 17,000 people that are crammed into Time Square at any one moment, I'll never know.
    Sorry to hear about the flights afterwords. Next time, call me, especially if you're in the USA! Even though I narrowly scraped through the course, I'm still Mr.Travel & Tourism.

    All the very best Nicola.


  5. Hi, I have been following you on Twitter (am a fellow artist) and have just enjoyed reading about your wedding. In my humble opinion you missed nothing by not going to Acapulco. It was a small Mexican town that has been overrun by expensive American hotels - it has 90% humidity and there is almost nothing to see or do there. It sounds like you had more fun in Cancun.

  6. Jo - thanks so much for your comments - I hope you saw how lovely your necklace and bracelet looked with my dress!!

    Alex - you are too kind but thank you so much for your lovely words! And yes, my husband is a doll and I'm a very lucky lady! You are so right about the dolphin swim - it was magical. I must get over to your website to see how many other fantastic portraits you've completed since I've been away!

    Lulu - thank you very much for your lovely words. I know what you mean about the bucket list - there is so much I want to fit into it that I may never get the opportunity to do but the older I get the more I believe in seizing the day and doing what I can when I can!

    Stephen - would you believe I actually thought of you while we were sitting in JFK wishing someone from American Airlines would offer to put us on stand by on one of their flights and wished you worked out of New York instead of Barcelona!!

    Hi Heather, it's funny you should say that about Acapulco as while we were in Cancun we spoke to a few different people (mostly from America or Canada) who all shared your view. One lady was staying in Cancun for 5 months to avoid the Canadian winter and she said her husband got mugged and beaten up while in Acapulco and that it was quite seedy. So, who knows maybe it was a blessing in disguise after all!!

  7. Congratulations on your nuptials! I loved hearing all about your experiences in NYC and seeing the pictures. I laughed at the fact that the homeless guy was in your spot for the wedding. Very kind of you not to make him move. Serious bummer about the honeymoon and I'm sorry you had to stay at a yucky airport hotel, but in the end, it all worked out and you'll have amazing stories to tell.

  8. Congratulations!!!! Your photos are just gorgeous!

  9. Thank you very much Lucy, we really had an amazing photographer!

    Hi Carol, I'm glad you enjoyed my tale of my time in your city. I seriously can't find the words to describe how amazing we thought New York was. I am so not a city person - I normally hate the whole rat race thing but New York is unique and so completely different to anything else I've ever seen - I can understand why there are so many souvenirs saying I HEART NEW YORK because I spent the whole time going 'OMG I DO love New York!'

  10. wow, what a story! your dress is so amazing! you and the mr. look absolutely stunning. i am so glad everything worked out in the end. our travel agent messed up our pre-flight hotel. we spend our wedding night in our car waiting for our 6:00am flight to Mexico. hehe.

  11. Hi S.E thank you so much. That's so mad that you also had such a nightmare getting to your Mexican honeymoon - what are the chances!!

  12. Wow. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so glad you had a fantastic wedding day! The photos are so beautiful and I love your dress and his attire! Perfect. And from Ireland to New York (I would looooove to visit Ireland). New York is incredible, I've only been once and am going again next year. You can tell the two of you had lots of fun. I may do something similar with my fiance when we get married, "with only ourselves to please". Seems perfect. Also Glad you got to see Wicked, I saw the show in Chicago and it was amazing! Well, I'm also glad the honeymoon worked out after the hassle. Though it wasn't your 1st choice it was still an experience, and you cannot go wrong with dolphins!
    Congrats again.


  13. Congratulations to you both....P P you looked stunning....I love your style! and those photos....wowsers really natural and totally awesome.... absolutely fan flipping tabulous!!

  14. Hi, I saw your wedding on RocknRoll bride and I loved the pictures, you both looked stunning! I hope you have a very long and happy marriage! I think your honeymoon sounds absolutely fab! I went swimming with dolphins too, but in Florida, and it really is so mind blowing! I think it was fate that you ended up in Cancun! I am curious though, and I hope you don't mind me asking, but I'm a bit clueless about this, since you got married in America did you have to do anything else to make your marriage legal when you got home?
    Again, Congrats! xx

  15. Hi Cher,

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog and about our wedding. I think you are right about fate - I really believe everything happens for a reason and those dolphins made our honeymoon amazing. As for getting married in New York - it is actually really straightforward and no, you don't have to do anything when you come back to the UK as it is legally recognised here. The only thing is changing your surname is a right pain (if you plan on doing that) as you have to send off the original wedding licence to each company you need to change it with (so get a few copies just in case) although that would be the same even if you got married in the UK. I would def recommend going to New York but do it yourself - we used a wedding planning company who were crap to be honest and caused us more stress than if we'd just done it ourselves and cot us over £800 for not really doing much at all. Good luck with your wedding plans - have you set a date yet?

  16. Not only are you adorable, you are a complete gem! thanks for the info! I'm still totally in the planning stages because we are aiming to get married next April, either the 7th or the 20th are our main choices, but to be honest as long as we end up married the date isn't a deal breaker! That's so rubbish about the wedding planners! I think New York is a definite contender for us, or possibly Toronto, we're gonna have definitely chosen by this April so that gives us a year. I must say though, your beautiful wedding has swayed me slightly!

  17. Aw Cher, thank you! You are very welcome for the info and please feel free to pick my brain if you have any more thoughts on going to New York - I would totally recommend it and I would definitely recommend Brian as the photographer as he is just such a sweetheart. Would you be taking loads of people with your or just sort of eloping yourselves? I've never been to Toronto but it's on the wish list along with a hundred other places!! Godo luck with the planning - although it stressed me out at times it was also really exciting and I plan to continue living and breathing gorgeous weddings courtest of Rock n Roll Bride!!


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