Sunday, 12 December 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Actually, it's been looking like Christmas since Halloween but it's only now that I am starting to think about it!  I'm very behind this year. I am every year, truth to tell, but this year I had high hopes of having created a whole range of Christmas cards.  I managed one. I know I've got a good excuse this year what with the wedding trip (I promise that's the last time I'll mention it until at least our 1st anniversary!). However, I had already stocked up on blank white cards and envelopes so, in the interests of thriftness, I will be sending homemade cards to friends and family this year!

I spent this afternoon creating two new designs - one in the Quirky range and one in the Wee'uns range.  I've now spent the last hour and a half trying to print them - our printer is being very temperamental and the cards are just flying through without being printed.  I'm sure I've probably just got it on the wrong setting or something but, regardless, I shall be asking Santa or perhaps the birthday fairy for a new printer specifically for printing cards on!


  1. OMG Chica, they're fantastic! I love the pup with the ornament in his fun and festive and pleasurable to look at. I want one of those!!

    The snow scene (both of them, actually) is wonderful, I miss my home sweet home more than anything this time of year. New York for the holidays is always wonderful, although I never make it back because all my family has moved down here.

    PS - You've inspired me to create my own cards...I have a few blank ones with envelopes I'd like to play around with. Cheers!! xo

  2. Thank you so much - and I am especially thrilled because I don't think I have ever inspired anyone to do anything before!!

    It must be strange to live somewhere sunny for winter. It was bizarre seeing Christmas trees in Cancun when it was humid and sunny and not remotely Christmassy!! I was so glad we got back to New York to see the tree at the Rockerfella Centre and the decorations over there are amazing - so much more classy and tasteful than what people throw up on their homes and businesses here for the most part!!

    I'll look forward to seeing your Christmas cards when they're done!


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