Tuesday, 14 December 2010

List It Tuesday - The Bucket List

After writing about our swim with dolphins on our honeymoon, it got me thinking about what other things are on my bucket list - the things I've managed to do and put a strike through and those that I still hope to do sometime in my lifetime. So, in no particular order, here is my to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil list!

  1. Sky Dive (I did this to raise money for a charity I worked for several year ago - it was the most amazing natural high ever!)
  2. Swim with dolphins - so glad we did this in Mexico, it was the highlight of the trip.
  3. Sleep in the desert with a billion stars all around (a la Eagles "Peaceful Easy Feeling")!
  4. Visit Graceland.
  5. See the Northern Lights - We did this on a Norwegian cruise in the Arctic Circle and it was brilliant but...
  6. Stay in a log cabin in Alaska and see the Northern Lights again!
  7. Visit James Dean's final resting place in Indiana.
  8. Drive Route 66 with all the time in the world to stop off en route.
  9. Tour South America.
  10. Tour Australia.
  11. Emigrate before we're too old (and Britain totally sucks us dry) preferably to Canada or America.
  12. Make a living as an artist (stage 1 being blogging about it incessantly!)
  13. Complete a marathon (who am I kidding, I barely walk farther than from the sofa to the fridge these days!)
  14. Meet Robert De Niro - my favourite actor still alive.
  15. Go on a ski holiday.
  16. Visit Berlin.
  17. Visit New England in the autumn.
  18. Stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona!
Seems there is a bit of a travelling theme to my bucket list so I really need to start buying lottery tickets that actually work!!

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  1. Great bucket list ! I love that you have things crossed off already !! Which one is next ... ?

  2. i totally stood on the corner in winslow, AZ this past summer. tried to take it easy, but the town (no offense winslow) made me a little uneasy...at least at dusk. haha.

    your list rocks. you have so many adventures to look forward to!

  3. This is a really great bucket list! I feel like a slacker for not having one!

  4. Love your list!

    While you are standing on that corner in Winslow Arizona, keep your eye out for a flatbed Ford - it would be me behind the wheel! :)

    Take it easy!

  5. wonderful list! do do do see new england in autumn. i can even tell you the best week of autumn to be at the best latitude for it. mid-october for instance is perfect leaf peeping across massachusetts from the Berkshires to Boston. Maine is better in late September...southern connecticut end of October to beginning of November, then you'll be right outside NYC to see deNiro..Central Park is pretty amazing in the fall, too.

  6. oh visit Burlington VT in between Maine and Mass, and skoot east to NH, too on your way south.

  7. What a really fun bucket list-visiting England is definitely on mine :) The desert under the stars really is quite magical, I've had the privilege to visit for many summers the Mojave Desert and it's truly a lasting memory. Keep working on your list and I'm glad to find another fun blog to enjoy artsy ambitions on!

  8. I so need to update my bucket list. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I love your #3 and that song is forever playing in my truck on weekday mornings. :)

    PS - Robert DeNiro is amazing!

  9. Ah yes, the bucket list - I really should make one of those these days! Great that you have a few crossed off - how does the new hubby's list compare? Interesting to see how much cross-over there is and how much the two of you will lead each other in various adventures :)

    I went to Graceland when I was 8 years old, my mother is a die hard Elvis fan...I attended one of his very last concerts...front row seat in fact...while I was in utero ;)

  10. sky diving? Someone would have to dare me... All that traveling - sounds like a great idea! {:-D

  11. My husband and I have wanted to go the full span of Route 66 for a long time. When we moved across the country, we got to do about half. Even though we didn't have time to explore as much as we'd like, it was awesome and definitely makes us want to try the full deal again.

    Bonus points for the Eagles nod. ;)

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Bonnie, I have no idea what will be next - ideally any of the travelling ones but that all depends on that lottery win!

    S.E you made me laugh about Winslow making you feel uneasy - I'm jealous you got there though (no idea what it's even like I just love the Eagles!)

    Lucy - I think from the sounds of the amazing place you live and the wonderful stuff you make you have probably already ticked off quite a few things if you were to make that list!

    Alex - love the Eagles references - I can just see you in that flatbed ford!

    Cath - thanks so much for that information - I will definitely store that away for the time when we manage to make that trip to New England. It sounds amazing!

    Biomouse - how lucky you are that you've been able to visit the desert every summer - It must be so amazing to live on a continent as diverse and massive as America - you really would never need to leave it to see all most fabulous places!

    Lulu - I would love to hear your bucket list! and I agree Robert De Niro IS amazing (and I was stupidly disappointed that I didn't see him in New York (as if he was just going to be hanging around in Central Park or Times Square!!)

    Drama Mama - luckily the new husband and I share very similar tastes - he's maybe not so interested in seeing where James Dean was buried but other than that I've no doubt he's my favourite travelling companion and all those things on my list wouldn't be half as fun if he wasn't there along side to share the laughs with!

    Storybeader - it was amazing - in fairness it was a tandem jump and i was attached to an instructor who did all the hard work (I maybe wouldn't have been so keen if I had to pull the rip cord myself!!)

    Scatterbox - i'd love to even travel half of route 66 so kudos for getting to do that. If I lived in America there are just so many placs I would want to travel to!

    I love that you got to be at an Elvis concert even if you were still inside your mum at the time!!


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