Sunday, 19 December 2010

Sketch #22 - One weekend in Geneva...

For the second anniversary of the day we met S took me to Geneva, Switzerland fo a long weekend. It was bitterly cold during our weekend there but the lovely crisp kind of cold with clear blue skies and frosty air not the miserable wet mushy cold of Ireland which just varies by degrees from summer through winter! (Apart from this winter which has seen the most snowfall in 25 years and its all proper and crunchy and really Christmassy!)

Anyway, this was a gorgeous wee street we discovered and I loved how the grey buildings were brought to life with the different coloured shutters on all the windows and strangely, even though at that point I wasn't doing much in the way of art, I took the photo thinking that someday I'd like to paint it. 

I love the old style architecture is so many European cities and I absolutely loathe and detest the modern steel and glass buildings that are being thrown up all over Belfast these days.  Belfast has some lovely old gems such as Bittles Bar and the Crown Bar and instead of making new builds so that they blend in with the old they have them all shiny and pointy and sticking out like sore thumbs. Grrr.  If I was in charge I'd insist that all buildings from this point forward be built in the style of Gaudi - all melty and gingerbread house quirky.

Anyway, rant over, I did this scene of Geneva as yet another sketch in this interminable project.  I'd just like to say the paper in the sketchbooks really isn't suitable for watercolours - probably why it's called a sketchbook project and not a watercolour project but as that is my weapon of choice alongside ink, then I just carry on regardless even though it makes the paper buckle when it dries. It was quite challenging to get the perspective of the windows right so apologies if they are going off in all different directions!

I did this one before we went away and haven't actually done anything more with the sketchbook since so I'm off now to print off some New York skylines to see if I can fill a few more pages with them!


  1. This is gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading about your fabulous wedding trip. Congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful life together!

  2. Love the sketch! The multicolor shutters are so lovely!

  3. you are such a fabulous illustrator!

    hope your holiday rocks!


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