Friday, 24 December 2010

Snow joke this Christmas Malarkey!

As I have been very lazy recently and haven't done any artwork to speak off I thought I would illustrate my last post of the year with some of the photos S has taken recently when out walking the pups in their lovely new jackets all the way from New York (they have the best stuff for dogs ever!) I wish I could take credit for these but they were pretty much all taken by S.  However, in my defence, as he is a tree surgeon and the trees are all under a deep layer of snow, he hasn't had much work on in the last week or two and therefore has had all the time in the world to walk the pups along with their dog pal, Oscar! Unfortunately, my work computer, being in a warm office building, was not under a deep layer of snow and therefore I was still able to work every day and not therefore available for dog walking and/or beautiful snowy landscape photo-taking!

Reuben, with the sad serious face!

Anyway, yesterday was the last day in work until 4 January 2011 - yay!  Last night I was home alone as S was having a 'few' drinks with a friend.  I was curled up on the sofa with the pups and, despite the heating being on, I was freezing.  Checked the radiators and they were stone cold.  Oh joy, our boiler decided that it too wanted a Christmas vacation and stopped working!  The three of us spent the evening huddled under my slanket!

Brodie, with the cheeky 'so what' face!
Anyway, suffice to say, S was feeling a little delicate today and remembered why he doesn't go out to the pub for hours at a time anymore! Ah the joys of a hangover when you're in your 40s!! Anyway, he was feeling miserable and the house was freezing and it was altogether not a very merry start to the festive season.  He phoned the insurance emergency helpline and they later phoned back to advise an engineer would be with us on 'Tuesday or Wednesday' - Seriously? So, determined not to let the boiler beat him, he went and tapped it with a screwdriver in the place where the engineer had told him the last time it went on the blink (pretty much around Christmas last year, if I remember correctly).  Lo and behold, it fired up!! Hopefully it will keep going until the engineer gets here to sort the fault properly.

I actually did take this one and quite like it
even if I do say so myself!!

We took the pups for a nice brisk walk to tire them out and blow the hangover from S's brain and by the time we got back the house was all toasty warm.  Hot showers and pyjamas on, the fire lit and two wee exhausted pups sleeping in front of it, we are now ready to enjoy one of my favourite Christmas Eve traditions - Polar Express and mulled wine!

Brodie, still looking cheeky.

I love this - it looks like Reuben is balancing a tiny
Brodie on his head who in turn has an even tinier
Oscar perched on her tail!

Reuben, the explorer.

So, that's us almost at the end of another year.   I wish you all a magical Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  I look forward to more blogging in 2011. xx

Reuben posing for our Christmas card last year
He wasn't impressed!


  1. ahh lovely post and pics pp!!, hope that ruddy boiler keeps on chugging over the holidays!!....have a Fantabulous, Warm Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xx

  2. Reuben is hilarious! What a character! I love the photo of the trio (the balancing act) and last year's Christmas photo.

    The picture you took is just beautiful...a winter wonderland! Miss that powdery stuff on the bare trees.

    Enjoy your movies and your wine and the rest of the holiday season!


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