Monday, 24 January 2011

Can't see the wood for the trees...

I'm feeling like I'm in a little bit of an artistic limbo at the moment.  It's been over a week now since I sent my sketchbook off to Brooklyn and I promised myself a week of no sketching/drawing/painting/art of any kind.  

In the meantime, Aimee over at Artsyville has decided to stop the List It Tuesday posts for now, unless another blogger wants to take on the hosting role.  I could volunteer but I know that I would then get anxious over the responsibility of making sure I came up with something every week and having it posted in time so others could read and link their own lists.   Aimee has a wonderful blog and she comes up with beautifully illustrated lists each week and I fear I couldn't do the hosting role justice.  So, I didn't volunteer.  I am kind of hoping that someone else will take on the leadership role and maybe then I can still do the odd list as I loved reading other folks' lists and discovering new bloggers and blogs through Artyville. 

Anyway, listing aside, even though I have so many things that I want to do, as I mentioned in last post, I am finding it a little difficult to actually motivate myself to do any of it.  It is almost as though there is too much I want to do and I am slightly overwhelmed at the idea of starting any of it. Plus, my wonderful sister got me a Samsung Galaxy Tab as an early birthday present (it's not for another 2 weeks) and I haven't been able to put it down long enough to pick up a paintbrush!)

Sometimes, it is easier to just sit on the sofa and cuddle the dogs than it is to start something in case it doesn't turn out right.  Yes, sometimes, it is hard to see the wood for the trees, so I need to break it down into manageable pieces and then just get on with it.  First things first, I am going to finish the illustrations on that children's book if it kills me.  However, I originally did the illustrations on ordinary art paper and I currently only have watercolour paper so tomorrow I am going to go to my local art supply shop at lunch time and get a decent art pad.  I think I will need to do at least another 6 illustrations so I'll plan out which scenes would be best illustrated and take it from there.

Credit: Darrin O Swait from


  1. I understand *exactly* how you feel. I wholeheartedly commiserate. I find what helps is to just say, Okay, just do this one little thing - then you can rest, do nothing, etc. But once I get started, I'm usually fine.

    But you probably already knew that. It does work, though. Your link to Samsung gadget is incorrect, btw.


  2. Hi Jessa, thanks for the comment and you're right - if I can break it down into baby steps I find that once I start a painting I get totally into it and the painter's block or whatever it is, goes away!

    Not sure what happened with the galaxy link - hopefully that's it fixed now!

  3. Lovely sketch. Everyone gets into a rut...even Aimee, I'm sure of it.

    Sow and Sew took over hosting List It Tuesday, so you can still play:

    Happy Monday!

  4. Very nice interpretation of that photo! You gave it your unique style, which I love! Good luck with the other projects. Some time I need to pick your brain for ideas on how I can start getting my art "out there", instead of just posting it on my little blog...

  5. Your artwork amazes me! The photo is beautiful as well, but when compared to what you've done with it, it fails.

    I just checked the link and if I owned a Samsung Galaxy Tab, I would become instantly antisocial...I just know it!

    I will pop into Artsyville soon to see what that's all about.

    Have a great midweek, amiga!

  6. I was going to say the same thing as Lulu about your drawing vs the photo. Your sketch is simply gorgeous!

    And wow! What a great gift!! You'll be addicted like I am to my iPhone!!

  7. S.e thanks for letting me know the lists are continuing, i 'll have to get over to sow and sew and have a look. I love your snow hiking pics this week!

    thanks Katherine. I'm not sure i'd be much help in the whole getting your art out there thing as i haven't really had much luck myself! I have ideas but so far haven't really had the time or the portfolio of work to do much about it!

    lulu and lucy, thank you so much! Thats a big compliment and yes it is a fab gift which i'm using on the train home from work as we speak! (forhive any typos!)

  8. that sketch is amazing! and i'm really intrigued by your pledge to give yourself an art break. so often the vow i hear is to do more -- but i think by going cold turkey for a week and letting the desire build back up could be totally therapeutic!

    i do draw my letters by hand -- my favorite part of the process next to the writing! xo

  9. hi dear,

    thanks so much for your lovely comments on my invitations! i am also writing/illustrating a children's book at the moment- i'd love to see yours when it is finished. :]


  10. Love the sketch, its' really good!
    Well.. sometimes I feel I need to take a break of drawing.. but waht I'll do with my time? :)


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