Tuesday, 4 January 2011

List It Tuesday - This year I will mostly be....

Well, the holidays are over and we're all back to work, some of us (me) a little softer round the edges than before Christmas!  I've been thinking, like many people, about what resolutions I can make (and no doubt break before the end of February).  I thought I would incorporate it into List It Tuesday which is back up and running now over at Artsyville as well.

Today's illustration isn't really anything to do with the list as such, other than it is one of the sketches mentioned in number 1 and I needed something to illustrate the post with!! It is a montage of the various buildings and landmarks that New York is famous for and I've called it 'I heart New York' because I actually really do and think in my next life I would like to be a native New Yorker!!

Anyway, back to the list...this year I will be mostly....

  1. Finishing the Arthouse Cooperative Sketchbook Project (only 11 more to do before 15 January!)
  2. Being vegetarian.  I've been feeling hypocritical recently being such an animal lover yet still eating meat and read somewhere that if you couldn't kill it yourself, you shouldn't eat it. So, this year sees me no longer eating anything that once walked, skipped, hopped, or swam (or otherwise lived and breathed!)
  3. Getting more exercise - I've gone from being a gym bunny (sort of) to a couch potato and this year I aim to find the middle ground!
  4. Learning Spanish again.  I used to be quite good at it many years ago and I'd really like to be able to converse fluently in a language that isn't English at some point in my life.
  5. Working really hard to live the life I want to instead of the life I have to - i.e do the horrible self-publicity required if I am to ever get my artwork on display in a gallery or printed on cards and stocked in local shops (for example).  If you can dream it, you can achieve it (I read somewhere once).
  6. Being thankful for the good things - I am quite often a glass half empty person and sometimes when I get down about the drudgery of the day to day work life I forget all the things that are great about being me (My husband, our dogs, that I've got legs that work and can get me up to the top of mountains, to name a few!) So I plan to check myself when I get too 'woe is me!!'
That's all I can think of right now!  Also I've just realised that Tuesday is almost over - I keep thinking today is Monday because we only started back to work today, oops!!  Don't forget to pop over to Artsyville to check out the other lists on there.


  1. great resolutions. welcome to vegehood. i'm eggs, no legs (ovo lacto pesco vegetarian)...rarely pesco though.

    love that you are taking up spanish again. wish i could relearn german!

    good luck on your arthouse project!

    happy new year!

  2. love your sketch. I've met so many people who are part of the project! great resolutions, good luck with them. {:-Deb

  3. i love your list and can especially relate to #6... i think i'm hard wired with the glass half empty attitude and it takes a lot of work to get past it. (art helps, a lot!) i just caught up on your wedding, your honeymoon escapades, and your gorgeous pictures! wow my dear you finished off the year with quite a bang!

  4. You don't sound like a glass half empty person in your blog!! Maybe thats only sort of true?? Altho' I understand. I think of myself as pragmatic. My husband says that I don't even have a glass half empty...its more like I don't even have a glass. LOL!

    Happy New Year ;o)


  5. S.E - I love that expression 'eggs, no legs'. I'd been wondering if it was ok to eat eggs as I do eat a lot of them but figure that if they aren't fertilised then they aren't living and no animals are harmed!

    thanks Storybeader - me too - looking at some of the other sketchers work on the Arthouse website is amazing - so many different styles and ideas. I will be glad when it's done but am so grateful that its introduced me to some lovely people.

    Aimee - lol, yes the end of the year was pretty awesome!

    Pluckychickenheart - maybe I don't sound so glass half empty on the blog because I'm blogging about art which makes me happy! I'm not nearly as bad as I was before I met my husband - he's much more optimistic than me and it has sort of rubbed off a little. I just need to remember sometimes that there is always someone worse off than me. Your husband saying you having no glass made me laugh out loud!!

  6. As a Native New Yorker I have to tell you that I love your drawing! You did us proud.

  7. Thank you so much, Carol - that means a great deal coming from a native like yourself! I am just so in love with your city which in itself is amazing as I normally hate the rat race and civilisation in general and would much rather live miles from anywhere. There's just something about New York that makes it unique and so totally different from any other place I've ever been!


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