Thursday, 13 January 2011

Look at things differently...

This is another sketch.  I've lost count now and as I didn't paint each one on consecutive pages of the sketchbook, then the numbering is all up the left anyway! I think this is about sketch 30.  This was taken from a photo on the Paint My Photo website which is that font of all inspiration for artists who haven't yet been lucky enough to have travelled the world! 

It is a shot of Venice and was taken by Oggy who sadly passed away a few months ago.    I think he had a wonderful way of looking at the world and his photos of already lovely places managed to capture a little something extra which piqued my interest in wanting to paint it. 

No doubt the view from this bridge would have been stunning had Oggy taken it from the top of the bridge looking down but to me, this perspective (perhaps a dog's eye view) adds a whole new level of interest as I get to try my hand at painting the old stone carved bridge which just a tantalising glimpse of river, boats and town below.  I painted another of his photos here and again he took an already lovely view and made it altogether more interesting from the point of turning it into a painting.

It just goes to show that it is always worth looking at things from a different point of view - you never know they may turn out to offer something even better than always looking at things the same old way.  True in art and in life!


  1. Hi Pointypix...nice this for the sketchbook project?
    Thought I would make contact via blogs
    You're almost there?

  2. Love the perspective and your take on the photo. I can't wait to see your sketchbook in person.

  3. Thank you sugarplum!

    Hi Debra, yes pretty much everything on my blog for what seems like ages has been for the project! I'm looking forward now to doing like you and visiting some more folks' blogs too.

    Thanks Carol, i will look forward to hearing your feedback on the exhibit in general and how easy it is/or isn't to find specific books amongst the 28,000 odd that are there!


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