Sunday, 16 January 2011

New York, you have my heart and now you have my art!

Well,  it is finally over, finished, no more!! The sketchbook project that has dominated most of my time for the last few months is finally complete!! I posted it off to Brooklyn on Friday using tracked delivery (all I need after the amount of time I spent on it is for it to go missing in the post!) 

I finished 37 sketches in total - I think there should have been 40 but a couple of pages tore accidentally as a result of some over enthusiastic erasing and so I had to rip them out and then I kept the last page free of sketches to put a little thank you to the Art House Co-op for hosting the project, the folk who might end up browsing through it at the exhibitions, and of course the folk at Paint my Photo for adding all the wonderful photos that I used as inspiration for my sketches.

I typed up little blurbs for each sketch and stuck them on the page opposite the sketch just so that people looking at it would know where it was as well as a little useless nugget of information about each place. S very kindly sorted all 37 little blurbs into printable sizes and then cut them all out and helped me glue them into place!

Of course, when I say the project is finished, I  mean only my part in it.  Now the folk at Art House have to gather all the sketchbooks in, log them and get them ready for the exhibition. 

I have made a few friends through the project and some of them will be lucky enough to go and see the exhibition in one of the American towns that it will pass through.  I would love to be able to visit but failing a lottery win, that unfortunately won't be possible so I will make do with looking at the sketchbooks on the Art House website instead. 

Each time someone looks at my sketchbook, it will be scanned and I'll get an email telling me.  I have also uploaded all the sketches onto my profile page on the Art House website so anyone who can't see them in the flesh can still look online

There are over 28,000 sketchbooks on show though - that's a lot of books to get through but hopefully mine might get picked off the shelf at least a few times over the course of the exhibition! If nothing else, the project has helped me discover the style of painting I prefer, the type of subject matter I like and has introduced me to some very lovely fellow artists and bloggers from all over the world!

Ladies Pavilion, Central Park.

I haven't yet posted all the sketches on here so they will no doubt form the illustration (whether relevant or not!) for my next few blog posts.

Now that the project is finished, I am thinking about what I can start next. I have a few ideas and I think I'll make them part of my List it Tuesday blog!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! A job wonderfully done! Bravo! I know what you are saying - it really got a bit stressful in the end, didn't it... You managed beautifully and created a unique and special book. I am looking forward to getting it into my hands in July when the tour will stop here in Chicago. Until then I hope to see more of your paintings here or on the Art House site.

    This last gazebo sketch is an image after my heart: black and white never fails to make me sit up and take a notice, but it is also so wistfully curly. Love it!

  2. Thank you so much Alex. I did actually intend to add colour to this sketch but got so carried away with the curliness that in the end up I thought any colour would just be overkill! I'm giving myself a week off art but have got quite a few things pushing for space in my head that i'd like to try next-I'll def still be keeping arty! What have you got plnned now all your fabulous portraits are finished?


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