Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sketch #23 - A step in the right direction...

This is another of those pesky sketches.  I started off painting this normally but as usual felt the urge to go all pointy and this is how it ended up.  This was a photo we (that is S) took when we were in Portugal last summer. 

Since starting the Sketchbook Project, I've discovered that whereas I used to think I loved to paint landscapes with just nature in them, in actual fact I am more drawn to man made structures.  There is something about the lines and perspectives of steps and walls and alleyways going off into the distance that appeals to me.  It is a bit of a challenge getting the perspective right and I possibly don't always succeed but usually that's when I will ask S to look at it with fresh ex-engineer eyes and he can immediately spot if the line of a wall is going in the wrong direction and put me back on the right path.  This photo makes Tavira look like quite a new place but actually it is one of the most beautiful quaint and old-fashioned little towns we came across on the Algarve.  Sigh, someday we will retire to a villa by the sea there (if we can choose the correct six numbers!)



  1. Very nice! The perspective is good! I'd like to try drawing some buildings on a street... That would be fun! Your buildings are full of character. You should do more of them!
    I hope you get your sketchbook finished on time, If it gets down to the wire, you can always return it with blank pages. Hey! You could write "Comment Page" on the top of the blank pages!

  2. wow I sooo wish I could draw like that!! you always bring so much life to a picture, truly wonderful, and very talented...i'm with you on the six numbers thing!!...blimey you wouldnt think choosing a correct set of six numbers would be so bloomin difficult!! ...

  3. I discovered the same thing: I too love cityscapes better than landscapes. Which seems kind of backwards for a city person, but there you go...

    I wouldn't worry too much about your dots finding their way into your paintings. You seem to be in your Pointillist period, and there is no fighting it. This is either your permanent style or something that your artistic spirit needs right now. Allow it to be, it is beautiful! Similarly I started my book hoping to do portraits in cross-hatching, and I tried rather hard, but my tonal drawing took over without apologizing or asking permission. I decided to let it be.

  4. You are an exceptional artist, amiga. I love seeing the photo to compare the two and your page has so much charm and appeal to it. If it were a man, he'd be dangerous! lol

    Seriously, the sketchbook project is a fabulous idea. I have a few books started myself on figures and portraits, but landscapes are soothing. I would like to try my hand at one someday.

    I also wouldn't mind visiting Europe in the future. Spain is my country of choice, of course...but those steps in Portugal do look inviting.

  5. I really like your Portuguese steps. And I like cityscapes too!

    I didn't realize you were doing the sketchbook too. I will look for yours when it's on display in Brooklyn.

  6. Hi Katherine, thank you. Have you submitted your sketchbook yet? I'm working flat out to get it done but if push comes to shove then, yes, I'll just have to rip out the pages at the back with perforations!!

    Thanks Betsy, still no joy with those 6 numbers this weekend either so I guess its another working week for me!

    Hi Alex, I'm sure you must be so relieved to get your book away - I loved the photo of your UPS man ready to take it! I know what you mean about style and I do love the pointillism so am going to embrace it!! Just can't wait to try it out on actual watercolour paper.

    Lulu thank you so much. I'd love to see more of your artwork as I loved that massive one you did of Eva making spagetti! If you do visit Europe you have a place to stay in Ireland! I do love Spain too again because I love the language so much - Portuguese has so many similar words but sounds so Russian almost compared to Spanish. Still, Portugal has my heart - I lived there for a couple of years in my 20s and it is just beautiful.

    Carol, I am so jealous you get to see the exhibit in the flesh - I've seen so many brilliant submissions via the Arthouse website and I've love to browse through them. It would be great if you did happen upon mine if you visit! BTW - I thought of your paintings a lot when we were in New York and saw all those water towers on top of the buildings - I can see why you loved to paint them!


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