Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stonehenge - I druid ( I drew it - see what I did there!)

One weekend a few years ago, S and I were in Andover in England and as Stonehenge wasn't too far from where we were staying we headed off there one rainy and miserable Saturday morning.  This is one of the photos S took while we were there. 

It is a strange old structure and while it isn't as impressive a feat of engineering as Chichen Itza, for example, it is nevertheless pretty amazing that people were able to manoeuvre these massive stones into the correct position and, more importantly, drag them over 240 miles on rollers and sledges from the Preseli Mountains in South West Wales over land and on the river on rafts - can you see modern man doing that nowadays? Health and Safety and the Unions would have a field day!!

Anyway, this is another of those Sketchbook Project sketches and I decided to stop at just ink as I was worried that if I tried to use colour it would all just turn into a big old browny/grey mess (and also as it is now a race against the clock, it was quicker to leave it black and white!)

Credit: The lovely S
I didn't manage to make time to do a List it Tuesday this week, but still pop on over to Artsyville to see who has!


  1. looks fantastic! i am impressed!

  2. Can't forgive the pun but the drawing is fab!

  3. Amazing what you are able to do with paper and ink. Beautiful and Inspirational!

  4. i've never been. lovely sketch.


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