Sunday, 9 January 2011

Another day, another sketch.... Essex Harbour.

This was taken from, you guessed it, the Paint My Photo website.  Unfortunately, I don't have an endless supply of amazing photos of places we've visited ourselves as until recently I wasn't taking photos (or getting S to take them) with a view to painting them, but looking through the photos posted on Paint My Photo I find so many that I just want to paint - other artists with similar taste to me in the sort of scene that cries out for some indian ink and watercolour!! This is just such a photo. 

It turns out that this was actually used as the November challenge and other artists were invited to paint it for that month. As we were away for most of November and I didn't know about the challenge, it was just coincidence that on looking through the site for inspiration I saw this and knew I had to give it a go - it has all the elements (asides from brickwork and old buildings) that I love - sunset, water, silhouettes.

Credit: Barbara Swinton -

As the theme for my sketchbook is 'If you lived here...'  I am typing up little factoid sheets which I'll glue into the book on the page opposite each sketch.  I've never been to Essex Harbour, Connecticut so I Googled it to find out something about it and apparently it lies halfway between New York and Boston (which funny enought are the only two American cities I've visited so far!)


  1. Wonderful sketch! I like your solution much better than the reference. It is more soulful. And your pointillism yields beautiful lively water!

  2. A beautiful interpretation of the photo. I, like Alex, like your painting better. I like your use of blue and the pointillism gives the painting a reminiscence of a Van Gogh.

  3. Thank you both so much - I am very flattered that you think my interpretation is the better of the two! I only hope that I don't have to cut my ear off and die like Van Gogh before my paintings are worth anything though!!


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