Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I can't even GIVE it away...

Tequila Time in Twisty Town - irrelevant post illustration!

Just a wee update on my notion of asking our local animal sanctuary if they would like some greeting cards to sell (with all profits going to them) and to offer to do a pet portrait as a prize for any upcoming raffles they might be having.  Well, it seems I can't even GIVE my art away!!

When I sent my email I had put a small 'by the way' at the bottom just asking that they make sure to use my new married name on the membership I had recently applied for.

Anyway, I emailed them at their [email protected] and when a couple of days went by with no response I resent it to [email protected] just to make sure it had gone correctly.  I then got a reply from the [email protected] which completely ignored my offer of artwork and instead just responded to my query about membership advising my card would be sent out shortly!!

Let's just say I'm a little disappointed and not really sure what to think.  I know that the centre is mainly run by volunteers with only a few paid members of staff and I also know that any time we call up there to walk a dog they are always very harrassed and busy which is why I didn't want to take up their time by approaching them in person about this (plus I didn't have the nerve to undertake the self-promotion that might have involved).  That said, I'm confused about how they answered the question at the bottom of the email but didn't acknowledge the main point of the email.  So - a) did they skim the email and not really read what I said therefore not realising I was offering them a donation of sorts or b) did they read it and click on the link to my blog and decide they weren't interested in my artwork, free or otherwise?

The problem now is that I would still like to donate my cards to their shop because I really think they do a great job and would like to help in a way other than just walking the dogs when we have time (which we don't often have these days), but I don't know how to offer again without seeming like a weirdo who can't take a hint.  S says I should just leave it - they got the email and if they want my cards they just have to ask.  I think he's probably right but am still feeling a little dented, truth to tell, that they didn't just say yes or no.  What would you do?


  1. Such a lovely gesture which I think they have either misread or not read thoroughly...
    I would be inclined just to drop them another mail and ask what they thought of your offer.
    That way you will know that they have read & understood your generous offer and I'm sure that they will welcome you with open arms.
    Funding is hard to come by anywhere in this poor climate of economy. But to have a local Artist willing to support their cause is one not to be missed.
    Go on...>>>>>
    Send out another reminder of what you have to offer them!!!

    Hope this helps...
    Hugs xXx
    ♡♥Տհɑɾҽ Եհҽ Ӏօѵҽ♥♡

  2. Don't take it to heart. It was probably one person who saw your request and didn't want to be bothered, so they rejected your offer to lighten their own load... there are people like that in the world, sad to say. Although they should probably be working in a different job! You will find plenty of people who are grateful for your beautiful work. I know it!

  3. Some websites are unnecessarily convoluted for the people who are not very fluent with computer technologies... I run into this occasionally. The situation you are describing seems to be one of those, don't take it personally.

    I do like the irrelevant painting you posted to illustrate... so cheerful!

  4. Thanks guys, I suppose it is a bit demoralising and a dent to the art ego that they didn't respond for whatever reason. But, I will maybe broach the subject with the manager there the next time we are up to walk one of the dogs.

  5. Bummer! I would have thought the shelter would have jumped at your generous offer.

    My feeling is since it's run by volunteers perhaps the person reading the email didn't even know how to respond so they just didn't.

    I would bring the cards next time you stop by and talk to a manager. Seriously, why would they not want a deal like that.

    Love your tequila town. I could use a margarita myself right about now :)

  6. Commendable effort. And I agree, don't take it to heart. My guess is a volunteer read it and only responded to the portion they could provide information on. Maybe you could set up a meeting with someone on the inside and explain your fundraising idea in person.

    Lovin' the irrelevant post illustration!


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