Tuesday, 15 March 2011

(Board) Walkies...

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If, like me, you spend many of your evenings living vicariously through the characters on your TV screen, then you will appreciate my excitement at the arrival of a new free satellite channel on British TV called Sky Atlantic just chock full of great American shows.

The current favourite in our household is Boardwalk Empire.  It's like an Irish Sopranos set in the roaring 20s during prohibition in America.  Steve Buscemi, who I love as an actor and who until now always seemed to be in a supporting role is brilliant as drole Nucky Thompson who runs Atlantic City, rubbing shoulders with criminals, corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, er, actually you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who wasn't corrupt in some shape or form!

After the 50s, I think the 20s is possibly my favourite era.  My first idea of the 20s came from the 1976 movie, Bugsy Malone with a young Jodie Foster and Scott Baio - ah the splurge guns!!  I love the flapper dresses and the cigarette holders, the cloche hats, the long beads and the strappy Mary Jane shoes.  Despite the fact that alchohol was banned, the whole era seemed so decadent, the speakeasies, the Charlston, the fact that women were cutting their hair short - the bob is synonymous with that era. I get the idea that women seemed to enjoy themselves and literally loosen their morals and the style of dresses during that time (I'm not passing judgment or advocating that lifestyle, I'm just saying that's the impression I get!)

F. Scott Fitzgerald once asserted that “it is rather futile to analyse flappers. They are just girls, all sorts of girls, their one common trait being that they are young things with a tremendous talent for living.”

For this flapper girl, I figured she should have an ostentatious French Poodle to go with her ostentatious flapper dress and feather boa! She's walking along the boardwalk and if you look closely, you can even see a wee Nucky Thompson in his red checked suit standing in the background!!


  1. love your two latest walkies! i am fascinated with the 20s and 40s too. something seems romantic about that era. is it the clothing? the music?

  2. What fun! I love the daring purple color (she shall wear purple!), the whole flapper chica idea and her fancy pup and yes, the funky, checkered chico in the background is so cool!!

    Btw, I used to sing (at the top of my lungs when I was 12): "My name is Tallulah, my first rule of thumb, I don't know where I'm going or where I'm coming from...I try to leave a little reputation behind me, so if you really need to you'll know where to find meeee..." LOVED Bugsy Malone! ;)

    PS - I can't believe I remembered the lyrics! lol

  3. A flapper with a poodle! Perfect.

    BTW, they film part of it on a set not far from me. One day when the husband was working in uniform he came upon it and decided to investigate.(He's an NYPD detective) It was very cool to see.

    Another tidbit....Steve Buscemi lives somewhere in my neighborhood. I've never seen him, but many of my friends and neighbors have. I'll keep a lookout and if I see him I'll tell him you said hi. :)

  4. S.E - thank you. I know what you mean, I don't know if it is just how those eras are portrayed on tv but they just seem to evoke romance and glamour - oh to have been born a few decades earlier!

    Ileana - thanks and oh you made me laugh - I loved that song - Jodie Foster was great as Tallulah and kudos to you for remembering the words!

    Carol - you have just made me jealous on two levels - 1 that you get to live near amazing actors like Steve Buscemi and 2 that Matt has such an amazingly exciting job as an NYPD detective!! Of course everything I know about it comes directly from tv shows - We're currently watching Blue Bloods as well, courtesy of Sky Atlantic but is it really as exciting and dangerous as they show it on tv?

  5. I agree with you about the 20s. Love this image!


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