Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day

Credit: Joshua Gomby

Just a very short post to mention that today is International Women's Day and I am very excited to have been asked to  be a guest blogger on Any Other Wedding as they do a whole day feature called 'In her Own Words'.  This is one of my favourite wedding blogs along with Rock n Roll Bride and, even though our big day has been and gone, I just can't help checking out the other weddings, the photos and the stories behind them.

Any Other Wedding is more than just a wedding blog though as the women behind it also tackle more serious subjects than just what underwear to wear with your wedding dress.  Today they have joined forces with Angie from One Cat Per Person (another great  blog I've just discovered thanks to Any Other Wedding) and have asked lots of fellow bloggers from all walks of life to write posts which will be posted on both sites throughout the day.

Being asked to do this made it clear to me that I have a lot to learn about what goes on in the world to other women.  My concern has, truth to tell, always been geared more towards cruelty to animals than to my fellow humans, but taking part in this International Women's Day post has opened my eyes to just how much I don't know.

Keep reading Any Other Wedding and One Cat Per Person today to read my post and those of all the women out there who, I am sure, are a lot more educated on women's issues than I am.

Happy International Women's Day to you all - I for one am happy to be female!!


  1. Good for you for the invite to write a post! My big day will have come and gone 10 years ago this summer...wow.

    Happy International Women's Day to you (and, as any woman who has dealt with a sick man knows - we women ARE THE STRONGER SEX without a doubt!) ;)

  2. Hi Drama Mama, 10 years - does it still seem like only yesterday?? Happy International Women's Day to you too! And yes, you're right it goes without saying we are the stronger sex!!

  3. I wouldn't mind going to Australia. One of my favorite watercolorists lives there ( http://splashingpaintblog.com/ ). I love how you texture all you paint! It makes me feel like I could hold a piece of the sky in my hand. Beautiful, Nicola.

  4. I'm so sorry Nicola! The above comment is to go with your March 9th post after this one.......


Your comments always colour me happy! Thank you for popping by.


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