Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Walk(ies) on the wild side...

© Pointy Pix

This is the latest in my Walkies ACEOs series.  This time I've gone back to 1970 and the image that conjures up in my mind of a hippie chick with big flares and wedge sandals - which according to the fashion mags I read just this week, is a look that is going to be brought back yet again this summer. Apologies for the lame title but it was the only song title from the 70s I could find that I had heard of!

I technically lived through the 70s - actually there's no technically about it - I did live through the 70s but in my defence I was between 1 and 8 years old during that time and didn't have a whole lot of say in what I got to wear and try as I might to grow my hair long - cows lick notwithstanding, my mum had a whole different idea and invariably dragged my sister and I off to Bernadette's hair salon to for a purdy every so often much to our disgust!! 

 Afghan hounds just totally look like the hippie of the dog world to me so seemed like the perfect choice for  my 70s woman to be walking through the park!


  1. Ah...the Purdy! On most kids it looked like Mum had shoved a bowl on their head and cut around it!
    Cool dog that Afghan...nice pic Pointy (-;

  2. love it! those wedges are super cute.

  3. Great walkies. I DID live through the 70's and had those bell bottoms and wedgies. Try as I might I could get my hair kinda long, but never straight enough.

    Never heard of a Purdy. Thanks for the link.

  4. You are such a talented artist x

  5. are an amazingly talented artist....
    let me see, i guess during the 70's i was 7 to 16 and i remember my older sister wearing an outfit exactly what you painted !

    and we had a poodle :)
    not exactly an exciting dog of the 70's

  6. holy WOW! i adore this and im so happy that the haute hippee look is coming back! its my fav. xo

  7. Didn't make it over here for Paint Party Friday...but finally have made it. Love you art and creativity...isn;t it fun to see all the Art out there.


  8. The purdy looks a lot like what we called the Toni Tenille cut! (Remember her and "The Captain?")

    Beautiful painting, makes me wanna walk my dogs in bellbottoms and sandals with purdy flowers in my hair! ;)

  9. I am finally back at home and can catch up on what my friends have been doing. I love your Walkie's series. This one made me smile. I went through the seventies, bell bottoms and all, - good times! The drawing has the spirit of it!


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